Explore Success Teams and Success Plans in Student Success Hub

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what a success team is in Student Success Hub.
  • Use success plans to help address a student's challenges.

Student Success Hub helps support staff stay on top of concerns about grades, attendance, behavior, social-emotional needs, and other issues that can get in the way of student success. Different staff members often have unique and valuable insight into the life of an individual student. A teacher may see something a counselor hasn’t observed and vice versa. A speech therapist may notice a barrier to success in a one-on-one session that wouldn’t come up in a classroom setting. Student Success Hub provides a centralized place for all of the people who interact with a student to document these observations and share them with the appropriate team members if needed. More importantly, Student Success Hub prompts staff to act on their observations and take steps to provide support.

In this unit, you learn about success teams and success plans in Student Success Hub. We continue to follow along with high school counselor Carmen in the (fictional) Connected School District to see how she uses success teams and success plans to help her student, Sofia, overcome technology barriers.

What’s a Success Team?

A success team is a multi-disciplinary group of individuals who are responsible for supporting students and enabling their success. Success teams can include teachers, counselors, social workers, school leaders, and other staff.

Success teams can also include staff who are assigned to specific students, as well as small teams, called predefined case teams. A predefined case team is a group of people who are responsible for a specific area of student success. An example of a predefined case team is a college and career readiness team. All success team members can see and collaborate with each other in Student Success Hub.

During setup, your Salesforce Administrator defines case team roles that support staff can choose from when adding a success team member to a student case record. You can also optionally create predefined case teams so support staff can quickly add a group of people to a student's success team.

Success Team Terminology



Case team role

Case team roles determine a member’s level of access to student data. These roles are defined during setup of Student Success Hub.

Connected School District schools use case team roles that include Counselor, Social Worker, Teacher, and Principal.

Predefined case team

A predefined case team is a group of individuals who work to support a specific area of student success. These teams are defined when an administrator sets up Student Success Hub and they're used in success teams.

The high school that student Sofia attends has a team dedicated to addressing chronic absenteeism, and a college readiness team, among others.

Success team

A success team is a group of individuals and small teams that provide core support for a student. Team members are assigned to a student either as individual members or in a group using a predefined case team. Success team membership is managed in Student Success Hub.

Sofia has a success team that includes her counselor, her homeroom teacher, a college readiness team, and a social worker.

A Note About Privacy

When you use Salesforce solutions in your school, you can be assured that each product embodies the Salesforce core value of trust. The information you document in Student Success Hub is private and you can limit the visibility of sensitive information to those who are directly working with each student. As noted in the chart above, you and your Salesforce Administrator can work together during setup to determine what information each case team role and predefined case team member needs to access in order to complete their work, collaborate, and serve the students at your school.

What Are Success Plans?

A success plan provides a clearly defined set of tasks that are assigned to members of a success team to help address a student's challenges. Most schools can identify common obstacles to success that many students face during their educational journey. Success plan templates help reduce repetitive work by providing a blueprint for frequently used success plans. These templates have a predefined set of tasks that a school or district has found to be helpful when intervening against these common issues.

Whether a success plan is based on a template and then personalized, or created from scratch to address a specific student issue, the benefit of success plans is the same: staff always have a clear plan of action and are never wondering what’s next or who’s on point. Success plans empower success teams to actively collaborate with students, families, and staff to help ensure each student receives support that is tailored to their needs.

Success Plan Terminology


Success plan

A success plan represents a set of tasks related to an intervention to address a specific student challenge. Success plans provide a series of defined tasks that members of a success team execute.

When one of her students starts struggling with attendance, Carmen assigns a success plan to the student to address the issue. 

Success plan template

Success plan templates are reusable success plans with standardized protocols that address common student issues. These templates provide a way for staff to create, reuse, and share best practices for success plans with each other. 

Chronic absenteeism is a common issue and one that Connected School District actively focuses on improving. The district uses a success plan template for absenteeism so counselors don’t spend time creating the same plan over and over. In addition, the template supports the district’s goal to implement a specific set of evidence-based interventions consistently. Connected School District wants to be able to report on success at individual schools and at all schools across the district.

Success plan template tasks

Success plan template tasks are the predefined set of tasks bundled to create a success plan template.

Tasks in the Attendance Support success plan template include clarifying Connected School District’s attendance expectations, as well as calling the student’s guardian, providing transportation support, sending a “We Missed You” postcard to the student’s home, and celebrating small attendance victories. 

Now that you have a sense of how success teams and success plans connect with each other and how they function in Student Success Hub, we’re ready to link back up with Carmen and her student, Sofia. When we last saw them, Carmen had identified some concrete actions the school could take to help Sofia with some technology issues she’s facing. Keep reading to see how Carmen uses success teams and success plans to get Sofia the support she needs.

Add a Success Plan to a Student’s Case Record

After Carmen logs the technology barrier attribute on Sofia’s case record, she immediately adds a success plan to Sofia’s case called the Connectivity Plan. Tech issues have proven to be very common since the district launched its distance learning program. The Connectivity Plan is a success plan template that can be customized as needed. The first tasks in the plan are assigned to the school’s tech team: they are notified to start preparing a device and a Wi-Fi hotspot for Sofia.

Follow these steps to add a success plan to a student’s case record.

  1. From the Success Plans tab on the student case record, click Apply Success Plan.

    Success Plans tab on the student case record and Apply Success Plan button
  2. Search for and select the name of the student you want to apply the plan to if the field isn’t already filled.
  3. Choose a starting point. For this example, Carmen selects Apply an existing Success Plan Template since the Connectivity Plan template she needs has already been created. 
  4. Click Next.

    Apply or Create a Success Plan and Next button
  5. Select the appropriate success plan template from the list. Use the search field to find the success plan template by keyword if necessary. For this example, Carmen selects the Connectivity Plan.
  6. Click Apply.

    Connectivity Plan selected on the Select a Success Plan Template record with Apply button

Since members of the school’s tech team have been assigned tasks in Sofia’s success plan, they can view their assigned tasks and track their progress on completing the tasks. For example, tech team member Jose Williams is assigned the task of activating the hotspot that will be dropped off at Sofia’s home. He can view the task and mark it as complete when he’s finished.

Activate Hotspot task record and Mark Complete button
When every task in a success plan has been marked as complete, the success plan status changes from open to closed on the student case record.

Add a Member to a Student’s Success Team

During Carmen’s call about attendance, you may recall that Sofia’s parent Julie shared that she wanted to know more about local food pantry resources. To connect Sofia’s family with this information, Carmen adds a social worker to Sofia’s success team. The social worker will then follow up with Julie to provide food pantry resources.

Follow these steps to add a member to an existing success team.

  1. From the Success Team tab on the student case record, select Add Member.
  2. Search for and select the name of the person you want to add to the success team. Select the new team member’s role from the dropdown menu. For this example, Carmen selects Bill Campbell, one of the social workers at Connected School District.
  3. Click Save.

    Add Success Team Member record and Save button
    Back on the Success Teams tab, Carmen assigns a task to the new member of Sofia’s success team. The task notifies the social worker to follow up with Julie with the requested info on local food pantries.

    New Task record
    Remember that original attendance alert that spurred all of this action? With the help of the Connectivity Plan and her success team member peers, Carmen can now mark that alert as closed. She takes a moment to appreciate how great it feels to provide her students with collaborative support that really makes a difference.

    Then, it’s right back to work for Carmen. She has more students to assist and needs to prepare for a meeting with her principal. In the next unit you find out how Carmen uses reports and dashboard capabilities in Student Success Hub to help share the key metrics that capture the impact of her work with district leadership.


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