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Build a Care Team

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Select roles for Health Cloud users.
  • Describe the difference between internal and external users.

Build a Care Team

A care team is the collection of people who collaborate on helping a patient achieve their health goals. Each team member has a unique role in caring for the patient, such as primary care physician, caregiver, or case manager. A team member’s role defines their access to information in the care plan they’re working on.

April Guthman, the care coordinator at Bloomington Caregivers, puts together care teams for Bloomington Caregivers patients. When she’s ready to set up Elena Nieto’s care team, she assigns people roles from a list that Harryette set up for her.

A care team includes internal users and external users. People who are part of the care organization are internal users. People who work for partner organizations, such as a patient transport company, are external users. Raul Nieto, Elena's son, is an external user, since he doesn't work for Bloomington Caregivers.

To create the roles that April can choose from, Harryette goes to Setup and finds Case Team Roles, where she clicks New. (A Care Plan is a special instance of the Case object in Salesforce.) She types in Patient Manager and saves it. Then she creates a Caregiver role. There’s already a Care Coordinator role and a Patient role, since you can’t really have Health Cloud without those roles.

Under Case Access, she selects Read-Write. She selects Visible in Customer Portal so that care team members with this role are visible to community members like Raul, Elena’s son. Then she clicks Save & New.

Then Harryette creates another care team role, and calls it Primary Doc. This role also gets Read-Write access, since the care team’s doctor needs to know just about everything about the plan, and adjust it when needed.

Finally, Harryette creates a caregiver role. Caregivers act on tasks in the Care Plan, but they don’t assign anyone else tasks and they don’t edit the care plan’s details, so this role gets Read Only access.

Care Coordinator April Guthman works with Salesforce admin Harryette Randall to        make sure patients get the care they need.

Now it’s April’s turn. She finds Foua Khang in the user list, and assigns her the Primary Doc role. Foua Khang is Elena Nieto’s primary care physician. She sees Elena regularly for checkups and refers her for specialist care and other medical services.

Leif Hansen is sometimes called a Case Manager or even a Care Coordinator, but Bloomington Caregivers calls his job Patient Manager, and that’s the name of the role Harryette has set up in Health Cloud. April assigns that role to him.

Then April assigns Raul Nieto, Elena Nieto’s son, the Caregiver role. Raul is already set up as a community user and added to the patient community, so he can see the care plan and collaborate in the feed.

Now Harryette has finished setting up the essential elements of Health Cloud for Bloomington Caregivers. She’s paid special attention to the security of patient information by carefully restricting access to objects and fields according to what users need to know. And she’s made a set of roles available for April Guthman to work with.

April, for her part, has set up a framework for delivering the best possible care for Elena Nieto by bringing together a team of health professionals and stakeholders under a single care plan. Elena’s team is ready to roll!