Learn About Einstein Out-Of-The-Box Applications

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein is embedded in our clouds today.
  • List how sales, service, marketing, and commerce teams can benefit from Einstein.


When Einstein was launched in 2016, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for businesses to adopt AI. Because of that, we created out-of-the-box AI-powered apps in each of the Salesforce clouds for you to easily power for your business. 

Let’s look at each cloud and learn how Salesforce Einstein can make users smarter. 

Sales Cloud Einstein

In Sales, the main goal is to sell, sell, sell. We know how important it is for sales reps to prioritize their day so that they can convert the most leads and focus on the right opportunities. They also have to keep in touch with their prospects and identify the best time to follow up. Productivity is their most important asset. Reps can be more productive if they know when to interact with customers with just the right offer.

Here are a few things Sales Cloud Einstein can do for your sales rep.

  • Boost win rates by prioritizing leads and opportunities most likely to convert.
  • Discover pipeline trends and take action by analyzing sales cycles with prepackaged best practices.
  • Maximize time spent selling by automating data capture.

example of Lead Scoring in Sales Cloud Einstein

Service Cloud Einstein

The cornerstone of good customer service is making sure every customer has a stellar experience from beginning to end. In fact, customer service can be more important to the consumer than the quality or price of a product.

One surefire way to offer incredible customer service is with artificial intelligence. AI is the difference between good customer service and a superior service experience. With AI embedded into your service console, your agents are empowered with the predictive intelligence needed to drive increased customer satisfaction. 

Here are a few things Service Cloud Einstein can do for your service agents.

  • Accelerate case resolution by automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming cases to save time and reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Increase call deflection by resolving routine customer requests on real-time digital channels like web and mobile chat or mobile messaging.
  • Reduce handle time by collecting and qualifying customer info for seamless agent handoff.
  • Solve issues faster by giving your agents intelligent, in-context conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations.

example of Einstein Next Best Action in Service Cloud Einstein

Marketing Cloud Einstein

The goal of marketers is to understand their customers better so they can deliver the most effective, personalized campaigns. But every customer is unique, which means marketers need to know which channels customers spend the most time in, how to deliver the right content to them, and when to engage with them. Analyzing past customer behavior helps marketers predict future behavior, anticipate customer needs, and guide experiences across every touch point. Marketing Cloud Einstein can help you accomplish this.

Here are some ways your marketing team can benefit from Marketing Cloud Einstein.

  • Know your audience more deeply by uncovering consumer insights and making predictions.
  • Engage more effectively by suggesting when and on which channels to reach out to customers.
  • Create personalized 1:1 messages and content based on consumer preferences and intent.
  • Be more productive by streamlining marketing operations.

example of Einstein Engagement Scoring in Marketing Cloud Einstein

Commerce Cloud Einstein

You’ve probably noticed that your customers are interacting with your brand on multiple channels. Whether they’re buying online or complaining on chat, your brand needs to provide a highly personalized customer experience no matter where or how they shop.

With Commerce Cloud Einstein, you can represent your brand consistently by delivering unified and personalized consumer experiences across every touchpoint. You can provide shopping recommendations, relevant products, and customized search—all of which remove friction from the buying cycle.

Here are a few things Commerce Cloud Einstein can do for your retailers and customers.

  • Increase revenue by showing shoppers the best products for them, and eliminate the time-consuming activity of manually merchandising each individual page.
  • Create highly visual dashboards to get a snapshot of your customer’s buying patterns and use these dashboards to power up your merchandising.
  • Personalize the explicit search (search via the search box), implicit search (browsing in the storefront catalog), and category pages for every shopper, saving your customers time and bringing your business more revenue.

Phone screen of product page.


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