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Learn About Dreamforce

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what Dreamforce is.
  • Understand what you’ll get out of Dreamforce.
  • Know when and where Dreamforce is.
  • Understand where to register for the conference.
  • Know what The Road to Dreamforce is and how to watch it.

Four Amazing Days

Everyone remembers their first Dreamforce. It’s just one of those life events that’s forever imprinted in your memory. But if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, you’re in for a treat! We can’t wait to hear your “First Dreamforce” story.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t this just a Salesforce annual conference?” Strictly speaking, yes, it is Salesforce's main annual conference. But Dreamforce is way more than that.

People gather from all over the world to share ideas, learn new skills, connect, and be inspired. You get to mingle with thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of your peers. And you’ll walk away with knowledge, connections, and memories that last a lifetime.

Take some time in the sunshine to network with your fellow Trailblazers.

With over 2,700 breakout sessions, inspirational keynotes, an extraordinary expo, and a rockin’ concert, Dreamforce is the world’s largest technology conference. Simply put, it’s the place to be for the Salesforce community.

Use #DF18 to get involved online today.

We appreciate everyone who joins us in person and online for Dreamforce. The energy, the excitement, the epic-ness - this is Dreamforce.

Dreamforce Elevates Your ROI

So you might be convinced that Dreamforce is a must do, but perhaps you need help convincing your boss. Consider mentioning that 95% of the attendees surveyed said their business improvements outweighed the cost of going to Dreamforce.

Attendees reported gains across most key business metrics for sales, service, and support, collaboration, marketing, and IT, including:

  • 38% average increase in sales productivity
  • 33% average increase in customer satisfaction
  • 29% average increase in marketing campaign effectiveness
  • 34% increase in lead volume
  • 58% faster deployment of IT programs

Wow! But how does this magic happen?

There’s No Place Like Dreamforce

Dreamforce offers a ton of experiences you just can’t get anywhere else.

Learn Without Boundaries 

Learn and share best practices in over 2,700 sessions, including  both Salesforce and Customer expert-led sessions and theaters, hands-on trainings, a Customer Success Expo (the world’s largest!), special areas for Industries, admins and developers, and the popular Circles of Success, where you can go deep and get your questions answered by product experts.

People sharing a laptop on stage.

Network Like There’s No Tomorrow

Make connections and share best practices. Whatever your role, company size, or industry, the community is ready to share its knowledge and skills, excited to build relationships, make meaningful connections, or even just have a Dreamforce lunch with you.

Find Inspiration Everywhere 

Want to know what the secret sauce of Dreamforce is? We bring together industry and visionary thought leaders to give inspirational talks about the future of our products, the industry, and the world. You’ll walk away energized to take on your next business (or personal) goals.

The opening of the Equality Keynote involved a choir.

Give Back in a Big Way 

Every year the Dreamforce community comes together to make an impact as big as the event. It’s mind-boggling what we accomplish when we all come together. In previous years we’ve donated 3 million dollars to (RED), donated 3 million meals to those in need, and collected over a million books!

The When and Where

We’ve covered why you need to come, but how about where and when this amazing event is held?

Dreamforce occurs September 25–28 in San Francisco. The Moscone Convention Center is the epicenter of the action, but as Dreamforce has grown, so has its campus. Events will also be happening in neighboring hotels and other venues. 

Get Your Pass to Dreamforce

We're already at capacity for the largest gathering of Trailblazers in the world, but don't worry; you can still get in if you have a valid code. Just head to to sign up. Keep in mind that hotel space is limited, so don’t delay!

If you don’t have a code, you can still experience the magic of Dreamforce with a free Expo+ pass. The free Expo+ pass is a great way to get a taste for what Dreamforce has to offer. It allows you access to the Customer Success Expo with hundreds of partners and thousands of solutions; exciting product keynotes and demos; the Dreamforest; and more. Get your pass now at

Bummer, I Can’t Come (#sadFace) 

Not able to attend this year? First, we’ll miss you. Second, you can tune in live at Salesforce LIVE, where we’ll be streaming keynotes, sessions, and all kinds of good stuff throughout the conference.

Photo of a huge screen displaying Marc Benioff as people pass by.

Of course, nothing’s quite like being there in person. So why not plant the seed for your company to send you to Dreamforce next year.

Learn by Watching The Road to Dreamforce

The Road to What Now? 

Get on The Road to Dreamforce! With our sixth season of this web series, you’ll see Dreamforce take shape as we discuss sessions, tips for newcomers, and much more on our live-streaming video series. Topics vary from Dreamforce operations and top sessions to newbie tips and the all-important guide to what to bring to the conference. From flashbacks to flash-forwards, The Road to Dreamforce keeps you informed and inspired about all things Dreamforce.

A scene from The Road to Dreamforce set.

How Do I Watch? 

Catch up on past episodes and continue watching every Tuesday on Salesforce Live until the big event in September. Can’t get to your computer to watch live? Don’t fret. All episodes are archived for on-demand viewing within 48 hours of the stream on, on YouTube, and on Facebook.

How Do I Join the Conversation?

To ask real-time questions and get to know other viewers in the community, use #RoadToDF18 or @ mention the presenters whose Twitter accounts are listed on the episode home page.

Check out the Dreamforce Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the Dreamforce groups on the Trailblazer Community. We’ll be listening to the #DF18 and #RoadToDF18 conversations and pulling questions and interesting quotes to include during upcoming episodes.

After you’re registered, it’s time to start planning your week at Dreamforce!