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Develop Your Game Plan

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a Dreamforce strategy.
  • Decide which keynotes to attend.
  • Understand what Agenda Builder is and how to use it.

Develop a Strategy for Dreamforce

So you’re excited, and we don’t blame you. So much to do, see, learn, and experience, and so little time. When you go to Dreamforce, you have two choices: Clone yourself, or create a Dreamforce strategy.

This module covers only the second strategy—cloning is for a future unit.

When you’re planning your strategy for Dreamforce, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What is my role and experience level?
  • How big is my company?
  • What industry am I in?
  • Which products and features do I want to learn about most?
  • How do I prefer to learn?

That last question is super important because it helps you determine the types of experiences to sign up for. Dreamforce features something for everyone, including breakout and theater sessions, hands-on training, keynotes, roundtable discussions, dedicated areas for special roles, and, of course, the Customer Success Expo. Knowing your preference for how you learn helps you sign up for the right types of sessions.

People sitting at long desk, each focused on their computer.

Pro tip: As you’re filling up your schedule, remember to allow time for breaks and to visit some of the line-of-business zones.

Map Out Your Dream Dreamforce

All the information you need to build a fantastic Dreamforce experience is on the Dreamforce website. There, you’ll find Agenda Builder, your key tool for building your perfect week and registering for breakout sessions and events.

But first, let’s talk about two ways to get oriented to the goings-on at Dreamforce.

Agenda Builder 

Agenda Builder has all the details you need to sign up for the perfect session. To help you plan your week, we organize our sessions into themes. Each theme is tailored to a specific audience, like sales, marketers, admins, developers, small and medium businesses (SMB), nonprofits, and more. Filter by theme within the Agenda Builder to view breakout sessions for the sessions that match what you are looking for.

With so many sessions, we have other filters to narrow down your list, such as product, role, and industry. You can also search by keyword to find specific sessions of interest.

 Hold onto Your Hat … Agenda Builder Will Be Live Soon 

Now let’s talk a bit more about registering for sessions.

So here’s the deal: Agenda Builder is now live, so you can plan out your week and register for your sessions any time now. The sooner you get started, the better chance you have of getting the sessions you really want to attend. But don’t despair if your session of choice is full. As with last year, 25% of the seats for each breakout session are reserved for walk-ins. We can’t guarantee you’ll get in, but if you line up early, you’ve got a shot.

An exception for walk-ins are the extremely popular hands-on training sessions and the Circles of Success, where you can get your actual hands-on Salesforce technology with an expert instructor taking you through a set of exercises. You need to pre-register for these sessions. No space is saved for walk-ins. But you can line up and possibly get in if someone is a no-show.

Pro tip: Use the session Chatter group to post your questions before the session. If your question isn’t answered during the session, it will be when your presenter gets back to the office.

In addition to breakout sessions, there are super-sized, ginormous sessions called keynotes.

What’s the Deal with Keynotes and Special Sessions?

Keynote sessions typically draw the largest crowds and are held in the largest halls in Moscone. For the biggest keynotes, the other breakout session venues also have overflow rooms, so don’t worry if you can’t get into the main room.

But why go to a keynote? If you’ve never attended a Dreamforce keynote, you’re in for a treat. You’ll hear exciting announcements and get inspired by visionary thought leaders. Keynotes are always motivating and fun and sometimes feel like a party.

Not able to attend Dreamforce this year? You can tune in live at Salesforce LIVE, where we’ll be streaming keynotes, sessions, and all kinds of good stuff throughout the conference.

Marc Benioff speaking in the main Dreamforce keynote.