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Get the Most Out of Dreamforce

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Name at least three tips for solo and group attendees.
  • Describe what to pack and what not to pack.
  • Explain how to use the Dreamforce mobile app.
  • Develop a plan for staying healthy during Dreamforce.
  • Explain how to use the Trailblazer Community for Dreamforce planning.

Prepare as a Solo or Group Attendee

Attending Dreamforce for the first time can be somewhat daunting, so we’ve gathered some tips to help you prepare.

When planning your Dreamforce experience, consider whether you’re doing it on your own or in a group. Because cloning isn’t yet an option, it helps to prepare beforehand.

Flying Solo?

Are you going solo to Dreamforce and need to make the experience a win for the entire company? Then set up pre-Dreamforce meetings across your company to gather a wish list of meetings and learnings.

Make a Dreamforce game plan, and stick to it when possible. But be flexible—you don’t want to miss out on a spontaneous event with a new friend!

Speaking of new friends, we recommend you make some even before you get to San Francisco. The Trailblazer Community is a great way to meet other people attending alone—the Flying Solo group is aimed at you specifically. Join other groups, like Women in Technology to meet like-minded women, or the Dreamforce Wellness Challenge to find a workout buddy. There are Trailblazer Community groups for everyone.

A great group of women at the Salesforce Women's Network Reception.

Going with Your Squad?

While #SquadGoals are all the rage, we have some advice to make even more of the event with the help of your crew.

You’re all in this together, which means you don’t have to attend all the same sessions. Divide and conquer! Having your group attend different sessions lets you take in even more information and makes for great discussions when you meet up. But don’t steer clear of each other completely—in fact, it’s good to share and know each other’s schedules and plan to meet up for the social events at Dreamforce (Dreamfest, anyone?).

Pack It Right, Pack It Tight

Here are some thoughts on what to pack for Dreamforce.


Go for comfort. This is not the week to break in those new loafers or wear your snazziest high heels. You’ll be standing around and walking a lot. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Let’s repeat that: Wear your most comfortable shoes.

Devices and Chargers

Decide which devices to bring. Do you really need a laptop? If you’re planning on doing an interactive workshop in the Trailhead Zone, then yes, you need your laptop. Otherwise, maybe you can get by with a smaller, lighter tablet or even just your smartphone. Charging stations are available at various locations around the Dreamforce campus. Bring your charging cables so you can power up throughout each day, or bring extra batteries.


San Francisco weather changes often. It can be sunny in the morning, chilly in the afternoon, and rainy at night. Or all three in the space of an hour. The answer is layers: Clothes that you can easily take on and take off as the weather changes.

And while we’re talking about weather …

We’re all hoping for amazing weather, but just in case, consider bringing your umbrella. The more compact and lightweight the umbrella, the happier you’ll be.

Don’t Bring …

While we’re talking about what to bring, let’s talk about what not to bring. Too much stuff. Remember, you’ll be getting some sweet swag, and you’ll need to store your Astro doll for your trip home!

Editor’s note: We’re neither confirming nor denying that there will, in fact, be Astro dolls.

The Salesforce Events Mobile App is Your Indispensable Guide to #DF19

There’s no better way to build your on-site guide to Dreamforce than with the Salesforce Events App. Download your indispensable guide for navigating your journey, via your iOS and Android device. Use the app to personalize your schedule, view sponsor profiles and stay connected throughout the event.

Here are 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Salesforce Mobile App for #DF19:

Mobile device app screenshots: Coming up, how to do effective end-user training, social feed, session details and Discover.

1. Build your personalized schedule through Agenda Builder.

Fill your agenda for the day with keynotes and sessions that match your interests. Just tap 'Add a Session', then 'filter' and you'll see a list broken down by themes, roles, industries, and products.  Tap the Add to Agenda button to add items to your agenda, or tap the star to mark them as a favorite for later consideration.

2. Amplify your journey with Quest.

Earn badges, unlock prizes, and help raise $1M to support children & families experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area when you play Quest. Your Quest is a curated journey through our most popular event activities and sessions. To get started, check out Quest in the Home screen of the app or visit any Quest Tower located throughout the campus.

3. Get quick tips on how to get there and where to go on site.

Navigate your way around the event with a high-level event schedule, maps to guide you to Dreamforest, the opening keynote, and to transportation options around the city.

4. Stay connected and network with others, wherever you are.

Learn how to connect to our campus WiFi and connect to other attendees via key social media channels.  You can also learn more about giving back or connecting with other attendees in your industry through the Trailblazer Community.

More Tips for an Epic Dreamforce

Plan for Downtime

Don’t pack your agenda to the gills! Leave space for downtime to mingle, relax, and enjoy. If you cram in too many sessions, you’ll burn out by day two. Instead, plan downtime to enjoy the Dreamforest—a great place to chill in the sun and listen to music with your fellow attendees—or do whatever else that helps you refill your tank.

 It’s OK to Not Do Everything on Your List 

So you planned for downtime, and still didn’t make it to everything on your checklist? Don’t panic—the majority of sessions are taped for your post-Dreamforce viewing pleasure. You can watch them on your couch, at home, while getting a foot massage (which you will need after getting all your steps in at the event).

 Plan for Meals 

No one is pleasant to be around when they’re hangry (hungry + angry), or when they’re dehydrated. Keep your friends and enjoy your sessions by making time to grab food and drink (on us!) during your busy day.

The no software mascot is taking a break at the buffet.

 Don’t Carry More Than You Need 

This isn’t the time or place to test your shoulder strength. This is Dreamforce, not your favorite gym. You’re here to be inspired by Deepak Chopra and Ariana Huffington, not compete with your personal trainer. Pack as light as you can, and leave unnecessary items in your hotel.

Plan Ahead with the Trailblazer Community

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is an online portal where you can access help, give feedback, ask questions, and collaborate with Salesforce partners, product specialists, employees, and other customers.

Trailblazer Community page showing Dreamforce group.The Trailblazer Community is the heart and soul of the Salesforce community. While millions of people within the Salesforce community don’t get to go to Dreamforce, they still get to be part of the Dreamforce community. This enables Dreamforce to happen all year long—the conversation doesn’t stop after attendees leave San Francisco.

If you can’t squeeze in everything during the jam-packed four days of Dreamforce, the same experts leading sessions at the conference are available in the community year round. And guess what—they love answering questions and sharing best practices. Really!

 How Can I Use It for Dreamforce Prep? 

One of the best ways to make the most of the community is to make connections and network before the event. Not only can you bring those online connections to life at Dreamforce, but you can also continue the relationships after the conference without skipping a beat.

So how do you connect with the right people? Look for the right groups to join! There are groups for everyone—Dreamforce groups allow you to make your own conferences within the conference. We have affinity groups like Admins with Disabilities, Health & Weight Loss, and more.

Look for your local user groups in the community, so you can get face to face at the conference and then meet up again when you’re home after Dreamforce. We have role-based and industry-based groups as well, so look out for your specialty.

Person with open computer sitting in the middle of a crowd with Salesforce and Trailhead stickers all over the computer.

First-time attendee? Look for the New to Dreamforce group for the best tips and tricks. Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem! Make your own group to connect with the best people for your experience. In addition, non-Dreamforce groups allow you to continue collaborating year-round—groups like Getting Started, Release Readiness & Feature Adoption, Webinars & Events, and even product groups.


But wait…there’s more. (Isn’t there always more?) Here are three more resources to help you prepare.


Subscribe to the Salesforce blog to get the best of the Dreamforce info.

Your Dreamforce Trailmap

As we close in on September, we’ll be providing outlines of Your Dreamforce Trailmap for many industries and roles. These agendas include sessions, keynotes, and even recommendations on different areas of the campus to visit.

 MOAR Trailhead! 

Obviously, we love Trailhead, and you can expect to see a ton of trails available at Dreamforce. But why not get ahead of the pack? When you look at sessions, you can see specific trails that provide additional information about the topics at hand. Prepare yourself and earn MOAR badges prior to arriving on-site.

Dreamforce attendees experiencing the Trailhead Zone at Dreamforce '17.