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Make the Most of Your Time at Dreamforce

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Network with Dreamforce attendees, partners, and Salesforce employees.
  • Describe the benefits of different types of Dreamforce events.
  • Describe different ways to give back at Dreamforce.
  • Stay healthy during Dreamforce.
  • Set yourself up for success after Dreamforce.

Network Like There’s No Tomorrow

The people you meet at Dreamforce can become your new BFFs and help you succeed after you leave Dreamforce. Let’s talk about a few ways you can make the most of your experience.

Networking IRL (In Real Life)

Dreamforce is your opportunity to make connections and share best practices. Whatever your role, company size, or industry, the community is ready to share their knowledge, skills, or even just a Dreamforce lunch with you. Relationships are built morning, noon, and night throughout the event.

Diverse group of people standing and chatting.

Between the Welcome Reception, Dreamfest, Dreamforest activities, partner parties, and more, Dreamforce provides opportunities galore to chill with your peers and learn from their experiences.

Online Counts, Too

Dreamforce is a social event, no matter how you choose to plan your time. This year we expect to get over 200,000 mentions on social channels, and we want to make sure that everyone can keep up!

Whether you’re joining us for Dreamforce in San Francisco or are viewing remotely from Salesforce LIVE, a great way to stay up to date with all the action is to follow along with our social media channels. So what should you be doing online during the event? Here are some tips for which forums to use for which types of updates.

  • LinkedIn is a great way to solidify connections by adding them to your professional network. LinkedIn is also a great place to post long-form content by publishing articles natively. Tip: We recommend not using LinkedIn to post personal updates. There are better forums for that (read on!).
  • Twitter is where you can share all your real-time updates—tweet your impressions or speaker quotes during any content you are watching. Participate in the live experience, and be sure to ask your questions for speakers in Twitter for real-time responses. Remember to @ mention people you want to chime in—like the presenters.
  • Facebook is much more than just a personal network, but your post content likely depends on who your Facebook friends are. Your friends will love to see your pictures and high-level information, but we suggest keeping details to Twitter.
  • Instagram is all about visuals, and Dreamforce has some amazing photo opportunities.
  • Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Periscope are great places to share fun Dreamforce videos with your followers during Dreamforce.

Remember to use #DF18 on all types of social media to be part of the Dreamforce curated feed. Plus, online and offline communities are created by both Salesforce and community members to continue networking opportunities and the sharing of knowledge and information after Dreamforce ends.

A Session for Everyone

Dreamforce has something for everyone! Check out these different types of sessions.


Join thousands from our Ohana to learn and share best practices through 2,700+ expert-led sessions. We have two types of sessions: 40-minute breakouts and 20-minute theater sessions.

The really cool thing about these sessions? The large majority of them are customer led. You won’t see Salesforce employees standing on stage talking about our products. We give the mic to our customers, who will tell you the real deal by sharing their successes, lessons learned, and best practices.

People in an audience, seated and leaning forward.


Leah McGowen-Hare speaking at the Salesforce main keynote.

During product and industry keynotes, you get exciting announcements and hear from visionary thought leaders. Check out the following list of previous years’ Dreamforce speakers, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as this year’s speakers are announced.

  • Klaus Schwab, President Clinton, Michelle Obama, General Colin Powell, Satya Nadella, Deepak Chopra, Sir Richard Branson, Marissa Mayer, Michael Dell, Eric Schmidt, Susan Wojcicki, Gayle King, Ashton Kutcher, Jenna Hager and Barbara Bush.

Hands-On and Discussion-Focused Events

We also have a great lineup of Hands-on Training (HoT) classes, where you can learn directly from Salesforce University experts.

Long table with people working and discussing.

Workshops at Dreamforce are facilitator-led sessions with group discussion and exercises that dive deep into a specific challenge and solution. And, of course, we have the ever-popular Circles of Success, where facilitators lead 10-person groups in problem-solving exercises

Two people seated and sharing something interesting on a computer screen.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

Want to know what the secret sauce of Dreamforce is? We bring together industry and visionary thought leaders to give inspirational talks about the future of our products, the industry, and the world.

Rapper on stage pointing out to the audience.

To top this off, Dreamforce concludes on Thursday with a full day of inspiration and mindfulness with a themed Day of Compassion featuring a great lineup of speakers.

In the middle of a large audience, someone is taking in a moment of mindfulness.

Giving Back at Dreamforce

Dreamforce isn’t just about learning; it’s also about giving. Salesforce has a long tradition of giving back to the community, and Dreamforce is no exception.

Igniting trailblazers to unlock one million dollars to support children and families experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area. For every completed Dreamforce Quest, US$50 will be donated to Hamilton Families and Larkin Street Youth Services. 

Giving Back at the Dreamfest

We are once again partnering with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals at Dreamfest, helping to raise funds for these incredible medical facilities.  This is a great opportunity to “upgrade” your Dreamfest experience or to invite a guest along by purchasing a ticket to the Benefit. Tickets include a VIP area at Dreamfest and access to an exclusive after-party. All proceeds benefit the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Tickets are limited. Learn more at The Concert for Kids.

Stay Healthy at Dreamforce

The best and most challenging thing about Dreamforce is that it is four days of amazing learning and networking. To get the most out of it, we have some tips for keeping physically and emotionally healthy.

Get Sleep

We get it, there’s a ton to do at Dreamforce—all day and every night. But be sure to prioritize a healthy amount of sleep so that you have the energy to take in all the conference has to offer.

Person reclining against a wall, head resting on a backpack.

Keep Your Rituals

We all have our routines that we do for ourselves: making a good cup of tea, singing in the shower, taking a long walk. If you are away from home, practice doing at least one thing for yourself each day that makes you happy.

Take a “Time Out”

Dreamforce can be mentally exhausting. You are actively listening, recording, critiquing, debating, synthesizing, and contextualizing for hours on end. It’s a lot of mental activity. Give yourself a break. Have an impromptu dance party. Take a bath. Meditate. Simply turn off your brain for even a few minutes, and you’ll come back refreshed and ready to roll. We have monks from Plum Valley who are ready to lead you through meditations in the Dreamforest throughout the conference.

A monk from Plum Valley helps an attendee through a meditation.

Eat Smart

First off, don’t forget to eat. You need food to stay energized. Second, be careful what you eat—sugary food, super heavy meals, and the like will weigh you down and put you to sleep before midday. And WATER! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but it is super important to hydrate—it really makes a difference.

Take a Stretch Break

Staying still too long can be bad for your circulation, so move whenever you can and take a stretch break. It can also help keep you alert and engaged.

Reflective image, a person reaching for the sky.

Experience the Outdoors

While many of your sessions might be in the same location, sitting inside artificially lit conference rooms all day long is not the healthiest environment. Take breaks to go outside, get some fresh air, check out additional locations on campus, and, of course, socialize! Recharge your batteries before going back inside.

How to Manage Lines at Dreamforce

With the sheer volume of people who attend Dreamforce, lines sometimes happen. Here are some tips to make the most of any time you spend in line.

  • Make friends while waiting. Lines are a great opportunity to network! You’re in line for the same thing, at the same event…you must have something in common. Potential best friends in the making!
  • Research the next session. What are you waiting in line for? Use your smartphone to get a better understanding of the session’s topic.
  • Snack. It’s easy to forget to eat during a busy event like Dreamforce. Lines are a perfect time for you to have a bite and up your energy.

Need a change of scenery? Check out the Salesforce Campground, watch a product demo, chill in Dreamforest, or catch a community theater session.

An attendee doing a handstand in front of a illuminated screen.

Psst…You Can Get into Full Sessions

We block 25% of all seats (except for those in Hands-On Trainings, Circles of Success, and a few other workshops) for walk-ins, so you might be able to get into a session that’s technically full. To possibly secure a walk-in seat, arrive as early as possible. You’ll likely have to wait for a period of time, but use the tips in the section above to make the most of your time in line.

Pro-tip: Reserved seats are released shortly before the session starts. This is great news for walk-ins but can be tough on those registered for the session if they come in late. Even if you are registered for a session, arrive early to ensure your seat.

Zayne Turner presenting during the Developer keynote.

Prepare for After Dreamforce

Following up after Dreamforce is hard if you haven’t prepared for it while on-site. Here are some tips for what to do on-site to make your post-event process as easy and successful as possible.

  • Grab business cards from people you meet. Write on the card a key thing to remember about the person and why you want to connect after Dreamforce. No card? No problem! Take a photo of them and their badge.
  • Follow people on Twitter or LinkedIn. These are great ways to continue the discussions you started at Dreamforce.
  • Connect with session presenters and attendees through the Trailblazer Community groups and the session Agenda Builder feed. Presenters are especially thrilled to hear that you attended, and they’re there to answer your questions.
  • Take note of the Trailhead modules related to your sessions. These are great places to keep your Dreamforce learning going.

The great news is that Dreamforce is only the beginning. Let’s check out some tips for extending your Dreamforce experience.