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Share Your Experience with the Community

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Access support from other trailblazers running the challenge.
  • Share your experience with the community.

Join the Age of Makers Trailblazer Community Group

This module can’t possibly cover every detail about running the Future Trailblazer Challenge. You will likely encounter questions while running your program, or end up with suggestions and tips to share with other coordinators. To enable you to collaborate with other champions around the world who are running their own versions of this program, we created the Age of Makers group, linked in the Resources section of this module. You can also access this group by searching for the group name in the Trailblazer Community.

The Age of Makers public group in the Trailblazer Community.


To learn more about the Age of Makers gamified curriculum, see the Trailhead module linked in the Resources section at the end of this unit.

In this public group, members can share information about Age of Makers programs, (including Future Trailblazer Challenge). For instance, they can share tips that they’ve discovered and examples of projects that their students created. It’s also a place to request help with any obstacles that you’ve encountered. After you join the group, you can post questions. You’ll hear back from community members and managers of the group. This group is a great place to connect and get inspired by other trailblazers!

Tips for Using the Trailblazer Community Group

Consider the following tips when using this group:

  • Share your students’ projects to highlight the world-wide issues that young trailblazers care about. Also, these projects can serve as inspiration for other challenge participants. Here’s a sample template that you can use to share the results of your challenge.

“I’ve just run a local version of the Future Trailblazer Challenge in [City], [Country] with [school(s) name(s)]! We’ve inspired [XX] students to find creative solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals, and here’s what they came up with:

[Project Name], solving for SDG [X]: [project description and maybe an image of the prototype]

[list the students projects that won, your favorite ones, or all of them]

Students really liked [one or two things] and their biggest takeaways are [one or two takeaways].”

    • While sharing, don’t post any pictures or names of students without their parents’ permission. You can talk about their projects and how awesome they are though.
    • Be an active participant. “Like” others’ posts, comment with congratulations or questions, and add thoughts of your own. This community is made up of people like you who have stepped forward to motivate youth to use their voice for social change. So don’t be shy about sharing your perspective!

Please send us, the Age of Makers organizers, some feedback by posting it in the group. What did you do differently to tailor the program to your audience? What do you, the educators, and volunteers suggest that we add to the curriculum to make it even better for the students? We thank you in advance for your contribution, and can’t wait to hear more about your students’ participation and listen to their incredible creations!

Thank you for completing this module. We wish you well in your volunteering and look forward to hearing from you.


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