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Build Dashboards and Reports with Einstein Analytics

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe how Einstein Analytics helps you make smarter decisions.
  • Customize quick actions on the Advisor Analytics tab.


A client can be modeled using person accounts or the individual object model in Financial Services Cloud, but not both. The trial org has person accounts enabled by default. If you wish to use Einstein Analytics, disable person accounts. For more information about what model works best for your business, see Implementation Considerations for Person Accounts.

Learn About Your Clients with Einstein Analytics

As we’ve discussed before, Einstein Analytics is the artificial intelligence layer of Financial Services Cloud. Think of it as your own personal genius to help you make informed decisions about how to cater to your clients and make them successful. Tired of waiting days or even weeks for external sources to create reports about your clients? You can see that information immediately with the power of Einstein.

Einstein is embedded directly in your Financial Services Cloud. With analytics dashboards embedded in the app, you have instant access to the tools to analyze your client data and the effectiveness of your advising time. Advisors can take action—log a call, task, or event—in the context of all the clients in their book of business. Being able to take action right away is empowering to advisors. In the past, they often had to wait on analysts to create reports and spent too much time sorting through client data across multiple systems. Here are a few things you can accomplish with this tool.
  • Client list: Displays a list of clients in your book of business. Use the robust filters to look for financial data points and trends, such as displaying clients with the highest net worths or annual salaries.
  • 80/20: Automatically generates a list of the clients who generate the top 80% of your revenue. Make sure that you’e allocating the right amount of time to your top-performing clients.
  • Activities: Discover how you’re interacting with your clients, and which activities influence client relationships so you can identify opportunities to improve your client engagement.
  • Financial accounts: Analyze the types of financial accounts and securities within your books of business so you can respond to market conditions quickly.
  • Client goals: Measure client goals so you can spot trends and create tasks or opportunities to help keep your clients on track.

Customize the Client List Dashboard

When you select a client, you can open a menu that displays quick actions. Quick actions are tasks an advisor can assign to that client. Quick actions include things like sending an email or assigning a task. You can customize what items appear in that menu.

Matt’s users often create cases for clients listed on this dashboard. They’d like him to add a quick action to the menu to make their lives easier. Matt likes making their lives easier, so he gets to work.

Let’s add that quick action to allow a customer to file a new case for a client.
  1. Click Setup and select Setup.
  2. Click the Object Manager tab.
  3. Click Account and then click Page Layouts.
  4. Click Account (Individual) Layout.
  5. In the palette, select the Mobile & Lightning Actions category.
  6. Drag the New Case button from the palette to the Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Experience Actions section under the Account Sample. In the Object Manager, the New Case button is being dragged from the palette to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions bar.
  7. On the palette, click Save.
Let’s go admire your handiwork.
  1. Click the App Launcher (App Launcher icon) in the upper left corner and select Analytics Studio.
  2. Click Dashboards, then click Client List.
  3. Pull down the menu next to Rachel Adams.

Marvel that the New Case menu item is right where you put it. You know that Matt did.

Now that you’ve customized your Financial Services Cloud, let’s look under the hood and examine the data model.



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