Enable User Access For Your Flow

Learning Objectives

  • List declarative options for distributing screen flows and autolaunched flows.
  • Compare the distribution options for a screen flow.
  • Distribute a flow with a Lightning page

After you verify all the test cases, your flow is ready for prime time! Let’s make sure that the right users can find and run the flow.

Activate the Flow

Only flow admins (users with the Manage Flows permission) can run inactive flows.

  1. From the button bar in Flow Builder, click Activate.

Grant Permissions to Flow Users

Now any user can run this flow, as long as they have either:

  • The Run Flows user permission
  • The Flow User field enabled on their user detail page
  • If Override default behavior and restrict access to enabled profiles or permission sets is selected for an individual flow, access to that flow is given to users by profile or permission set

Make sure that all the appropriate users have permission to run flows.

  1. Identify the users who will run the flow.
  2. Create a permission set that includes the Run Flows permission.
  3. Assign the permission set to the users you identified.

Distribute the Flow

Users can’t run anything if they don’t know where to find it. Put the flow somewhere useful so they can discover it.

Flows can be distributed to users in a myriad of ways, depending on the type of flow. Here are the declarative options for distributing screen flows and autolaunched flows.

Type Declarative Option
Screen Flow
  • Flow actions
  • Lightning pages
  • Lightning community pages
  • Custom buttons or custom links
  • Web tabs
  • Direct flow URLs
  • Snap-in deployments
Autolaunched Flow
  • Process Builder
  • Custom buttons or custom links
  • Web tabs

For a list of all the distribution options for each flow type, check out the resources at the end of this unit.

As you can see, screen flows support many distribution methods, but we recommend using Lightning pages, flow actions, the utility bar, or Lightning community pages. To choose between those options, here are some guiding questions.

If... Use this option...
The flow should be available to external users Lightning community page
The flow needs the context of a record Lightning record page or flow action
The flow should be available from every page Utility bar
The flow will be used every time someone accesses a page Lightning page
The flow will be used occasionally Flow action

Based on the business requirements, the New Contact flow:

  • Should be available to sales reps, who are internal users (so no Lightning community pages)
  • Doesn’t require any context (so no flow actions or Lightning record pages)

If you’re not using Lightning community pages or flow actions, here are your remaining options.

  • Make the flow available on every page in an app with the utility bar.
  • Make the flow available on the Home page of an app.
  • Make the flow available on a standalone App page.

When offered those three choices, your stakeholder chooses to put the flow on the Home page of the Lightning Sales app.

Add the Flow to the Home Page

  1. From Setup, enter builder in the Quick Find box, and then select Lightning App Builder.
  2. Open the appropriate home page, or create a new one.
    1. Click New.
    2. Select Home Page, and click Next.
    3. Give the page a name, and click Next.
    4. Click Clone Salesforce Default Page, select Home Page Default, and click Finish.
  3. Drag a Flow component to the top of the right column Dragging the Flow component onto a Home page
  4. For Flow, select New Contact.
  5. Save your changes and activate the page. Make sure to mark this page as the default Home page.
  6. To see your flow in action, go to your Home page.
    1. Click Back to return to Setup.
    2. From the App Launcher, find and select Home. The “New Contact” flow on the Home page


Congratulations! Earlier in the Build Flows with Flow Builder trail, you created a flow made up of screens, logic, and actions, as well as variables and other flow resources. Now you’ve tested that everything is working properly, and made sure the flow is accessible to the right users. You’ve got the skills now to guide users through your company’s business processes. Go forth and automate!

For more practice with flows, check out the projects in the Automate Your Business Processes with Lightning Flow trail.


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