Connect to Your Customers

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the basics of Financial Services Cloud.
  • List the benefits of Financial Services Cloud.

Meet Financial Services Cloud

Welcome to the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, reimagined for financial services. Financial Services Cloud connects companies across their lines of business, geographies, and channels. From retail banking to wealth management to insurance, 360-degree visibility into your clients’ financial profiles puts them at the center of every interaction.

Introducing Our Team

Maybe you’ve heard that Financial Services Cloud is a great tool to make your customer interactions run more smoothly. That sounds wonderful, and you want to know the details. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this trail, you get to know some characters who use Financial Services Cloud in different ways. Let’s meet some of them now.

Kotori Mizono is a customer associate. She works with a team of financial advisors to support about a thousand clients. By managing the technical side and much of the customer support, she frees up her financial advisors to concentrate on their financial areas of expertise. Kotori’s firm uses the Wealth Management application in Financial Services Cloud.

Bob Akua works in retail banking. Bob helps customers open new checking, saving, and credit card accounts. He also works to qualify his customers for mortgages. The Retail Banking Console is where he spends his day.

Insight into a client’s family environment helps Kotori’s advisors grow their book of business across many networks. That insight also helps her provide the right customer service at the right time. A richer context is useful to personal bankers like Bob, too. He understands who his customers are and what financial products they have, so he can help them achieve their financial goals.

Everything Is at Your Fingertips

Before their companies implemented Financial Services Cloud, Kotori and Bob spent most of each day switching between systems. It was the only way that they could access the information they needed to work with their clients and customers. But they didn’t like it.

In Bob’s office, the mortgage department used a different system than the credit card one. The checking and savings account departments used a third system. He sometimes had all three open on his desktop at the same time, because he had to copy and paste information between them. It was complicated, error-prone, and it got in the way of what Bob wanted to do most: quickly help his customers.

Kotori’s experience was similar—she had too many systems to manage. Client data was hard to find and update in all the correct places. She ended up spending more time working on routine data management tasks than she did solving client problems. Here’s what her desk looked like!

Messy desk with paper, pencils, a paper calendar, a monitor, a laptop, and a phone

They were both thrilled to learn that Financial Services Cloud eliminates those siloed systems. It stores all customer information in one place. That solves Kotori and Bob’s biggest problem.

Connect to Your Customers in a Whole New Way

Using rich client profiles, Kotori can see how a client’s family, business connections, and financial data connect. These profiles show all of a client’s accounts in one place. They even display household information, including family members and business professionals. Understanding a household makes it easier for Kotori to understand and meet her clients’ needs.

With Financial Services Cloud, Kotori sees how much of each client’s assets are under her advisors’ management and which are managed by a different institution. Her advisors can develop strategies to increase assets under their management.

Goals are integrated into the system too. She can work with her advisors to help clients set up financial goals. For example, a client with a new baby can set up a goal to create an education savings account. Kotori’s Financial Services Cloud is connected to a financial planning system that provides a deep analysis of client goals. She’s excited to test it.

The referral management feature interests her, too. Referrals from within and across lines of business and from satisfied partners and clients are just what her advisors need to grow their books of business. That’s good for everyone.

Bob, too, has a deeper understanding of each customer—from the products they have to the products they need. With a consistent view of his customers, he can quickly meet their needs. If a problem arises, he can track its history until it’s solved.

Work Smarter

Bob likes how his new home page displays an online task list and uses an assistant to help him track his priorities. He deals with many customers each day, and he appreciates the help. The new system moves a lot of his to-do lists off paper and puts them online. Kotori, too, is happy with the new system. She likes how it tracks client interactions and sends her reminders about key milestones, like client birthdays and required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Even better, each of them can access client and customer information from anywhere—their desks, tablets, and mobile phones. Kotori and Bob are always on the go, and Financial Services Cloud keeps up with them.

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