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Apply the Five Questions

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Apply the Five Most Important Questions to your company.
  • Explain the challenges these questions pose, and the benefits.
  • Explain how the admin role fits in.


In this unit, we have fun with a diagnostic tool designed to help you work through the Five Most Important Questions for your organization, while also connecting your responses to Salesforce solutions that can drive results.

We start by examining how a Salesforce administrator might answer the questions for their organization, and take follow up steps for improvement. At the end of this unit, you will have access to the questions so that you can do the same for your organization.

Start by looking at the example in Figure 11 showing how an admin might answer the questions for an organization. In this case, we use a hypothetical company, “Davison Medical Supply Center” to walk through the questions.

DIY: Assess your five most important questions

Figure 11. Example responses to the five most important questions

As you can see in Figure 11, our admin has identified a number of elements in the organization’s plan (5a) that she believes Salesforce can help with (5b). Her next steps are to prioritize the work in the areas that contribute the most value to the organization, and can be achieved. This exercise also opened up the opportunity to have a conversation with her manager about expanding utilization of their current Salesforce solutions, and adding Salesforce elements that they do not use yet.

Next Steps

Set aside time to complete the diagnostic tool for your organization (see link in the Resources section below). If you need some help, use the tips in the unit on the Five Most Important Questions.

After completing the diagnostic tool, take a moment to reflect on your responses. Where can Salesforce best enhance organizational performance? Are there specific areas that you want to explore further? Based on your results, consider having a conversation with your manager to determine next steps.


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