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Use Quick Send for Individual Messages

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what a Quick Send message is.
  • Name the types of Quick Send message recipients.
  • Send a Quick Send message.

Quick Send and Individual Messages

Now that you know how to use campaigns to send a series of related messages to your customers, what about those instances when you just need to quickly send one message to your customer? You can open your email inbox and type up a personal message, but it would lack that branded experience your customer expects, and chances are you’ve written dozens of the same email with only minor modifications. Plus, if you need to share a lot of information, it takes time to draft, review, edit, review, and send—only to find you included an embarrassing typo. What if there’s a better way?

Good news! Quick Send in Distributed Marketing is uniquely designed for you to send a single, branded and compliant message—and still personalize it for the recipient. 

What kind of email can you send using Quick Send? The possibilities are endless, but it does need to be a single email (not a series). Some examples:

  • Thank-you message after a customer meeting
  • Set of instructions for a time-sensitive issue
  • Promotion or offer you want to give to one customer
  • Specialized content that is legally compliant

Quick Send is especially useful for email content that is vetted by a legal or marketing department for compliance and branding.



Your Distributed Marketing administrator configures Quick Send for your use. The administrator adds the Quick Send Lightning component to pages and enables single-send journeys for use in Quick Send.

Send Individual Messages

After the Distributed Marketing administrator enables messages for Quick Send, you can send individual messages directly from a contact, lead, or person account record.

Navigate to a contact lead or person account record. In the Quick Send Messages component, click in the Message search field and select a message.

The Quick Send Messages component.

To personalize and send the message, click Edit icon. The message editor and a preview of the message appears.



Did you select the wrong message? No problem! Just close the window and select a different message.

Here’s your opportunity to add a personal message to your customer. 

The Quick Send modal with fields for you to customize the introduction and conclusion, and a preview of the final message.

Click Refresh Preview at any time to preview your custom text. When you’re ready to send the message, click Send.

Check out this Distributed Marketing: Quick Send video that shows how easy it is to use Quick Send.

Now You’re Ready to Use Distributed Marketing

You learned the importance of a personalized customer experience and how Distributed Marketing makes that easy. We explored the differences between campaign sends and Quick Send—and how to use each. Now it’s time for you to create an unforgettable customer experience with the power of Distributed Marketing!