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Personalize and Send Campaign Messages

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Review and approve a list of pending campaign members.
  • Personalize a campaign message.
  • Change the send settings for a campaign member.
  • Set defaults for campaign personalization.

Campaigns and Personalized Sending

Does your organization use campaigns to communicate with customers? Campaigns are a great way to manage outbound marketing campaigns or a series of communications. Through Distributed Marketing, campaigns are connected to Marketing Cloud journeys. When we talk about journeys in Marketing Cloud, we’re describing the path your potential customer takes to become someone who is engaged and committed to your brand. A journey is a customer communication plan that your company designs. 

After a campaign is connected to a journey in Salesforce, you can add contacts, leads, and person accounts to that campaign and personalize the messages each one receives. 

  1. You review potential campaign members.
  2. You approve or reject them for entering the campaign.
  3. You personalize messages—if you want—and submit for send.
  4. Done!

Let’s take a look at how you can use Distributed Marketing to connect with your customers.

Review Pending Campaign Members

There are many ways to add individuals from your book of business into campaigns, from manual selection to fully automated processes. In some companies the marketing teams, assistants, or other team members suggest customers for specific campaigns based on segmentation and business rules. However, we know that just because a customer falls into a segment doesn’t always mean it’s the right time for a particular message. That’s why in Distributed Marketing campaign sends, we wait for your approval before sending. With the approval flow, you can review suggested contacts, leads, and person accounts and personalize for individuals or groups of individuals to ensure everyone is getting the right message at the right time. We sometimes talk about this as “artificial intelligence plus humans."

Here’s how it works.

Navigate to a campaign in Salesforce. In the Campaign Messages component, if you see a View Pending Members button, that means you have one or more customers to review and approve. (Hint: If View Pending Members isn’t an option, there aren’t any campaign members to review.) 

Before you click View Pending Members, notice that this campaign is connected to a specific journey that includes one or more messages. If you haven’t already, look at the list of messages in the Campaign Messages component and click Preview icon  to review the message content and, if you want, customize it for future use. (Hint: the changes you make here are your starting point for personalizing messages to individuals or groups—think of it as defining your defaults. We talk more about this in the next section). Now click View Pending Members to check out the list of possible campaign members.

Campaign Messages component with arrows pointing at the View Pending Members button and a Preview icon.

With the campaign message in mind, review the list of pending members. 

  • To opt pending campaign members into receiving messages, select campaign members and click Approve.
  • To opt pending campaign members out of receiving messages, select campaign members and click Reject.


If you approved or rejected a campaign member and want to undo the status, select the campaign member and click Reset to Pending.

Before you submit the approved members into the journey, let's look at reviewing and personalizing messages.

Personalize and Preview Messages

As you are reviewing and approving campaign members, consider if there’s anyone on the list that should receive a personalized note within their email message. For example, maybe you notice the name of someone you met with recently, or someone who had a specific question you can answer. Select that campaign member and click Personalize.

Pending Approvals page with a list of pending members to review.

Now you can view the messages for that recipient. On the Edit tab, navigate through available messages by clicking The Next and Previous arrows. If your marketing team has created areas that you can personalize, they’ll appear on the left hand side of the modal as you interact with it.

The Personalize Messages modal showing the tools available to personalize the messaging to the customer.

Save your changes and close the window to return to the list of pending campaign members.



As you are reviewing your list of pending campaign members, click the name of a person to access the member details. Review and update information, such as name, account, or contact owner directly from that Member Details window. Close the window to return to your list of pending campaign members.

Set Default Personalization for the Campaign

Do you want to make some tweaks to emails one time and be done with it? No problem! You can add personalization that is applied to messages for every campaign member you approve. 

From the Campaign Messages component, click Settings icon  and select Message Settings or click Preview icon next to the message you want to edit. 

The settings icon is located at the top right side of the screen in the Campaign Messages component.

On the Edit tab, navigate through available messages by clicking The Next and Previous arrows. Enter a custom Introduction or Conclusion. Save your changes, and these settings are applied to all messages in that campaign. Hint: You can still overwrite this personalized text and customize messages for individual recipients as you are approving them.

In the next unit, we look at the Quick Send option for sending one-off messages to a single contact, lead, or person account.