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Manage Your Knowledge Base

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create knowledge base articles for your support center.
  • Add images and video to your articles.
  • Add translations for both topics and articles.

What’s a Knowledge Base?

In the previous unit, we discussed how to customize the look of your support center. But what are support centers used for? We’re glad you asked! In addition to collecting support cases, your center is a knowledge base: the hub for all the information that your customers can learn about your product, troubleshoot problems, and help themselves.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but you can transform your support center into a comprehensive knowledge base with articles organized into relevant topics. Support centers also provide your customers with a question and answers forum—a great alternative to phone or email support.

Create Articles for Your Support Center

Let’s create your first article.

  1. In the Admin console, click the Content tab.
  2. Click Add Article.

    content tab
  3. In the Add New Article popup, select any topic in the dropdown to categorize your article. Next, enter the article title in the Subject field and click Add.

    subject field
  4. In the Content Editor, write your knowledge article. Use the toolbar above the text field to create headings, lists, add hyperlinks, and style your article. Click Source to view the source of the article (we use this button later).

    Source button
  5. Use the Article Attributes component to categorize topics, add search terms, or tag brand-relevant knowledge articles.

    tag content
  6. Publish your article by toggling Show in Support Center to On and click Update.

    toggle show in support center


    You can save the article as a draft by toggling Save as Draft to On and Show in Support Center to Off.

    save as draft


    New articles are private by default and don’t display on your support site. A private article has an eyeball icon next to it in the Article List. These articles are only viewable by agents in their agent panel and can be used as a reference for solving common issues in customer cases.

    agent panel
  7. When your knowledge article is published, you see a confirming message that says, “This article has been updated. You can view it in the Support Center or go back to the article list.”

    updated article

Now that you can add articles, let’s look at making them even more helpful with images and videos.

Add Video and Images to Articles

Embed Videos

In order to embed videos into your Knowledge Base articles, contact and have an agent enable scripting on your site for you. Then add as many videos as you like!

  1. Go to the site that hosts your video and find and copy the Embed code provided by your host.

    For example:

    copy embed code
  2. In, click Admin > Content, and navigate to your article.
  3. Click the pencil icon (navigate to article) to edit your article.
  4. In the article formatting toolbar, click Source to display the HTML of your article.
  5. Find the place where you want the video to appear and paste the video embed code you copied into that section.

    paste embed code
  6. Click Source again to return to the visual editor. Depending on the embed code you used, you see either a preview of the embedded video or a blank iframe.

    iframe or video
  7. Click Update to save your changes.

Add Images

It’s easy to upload images to your Knowledge Base articles.

  1. In, click Admin > Content, and navigate to your article.
  2. Hover over the article name and click the pencil icon (image icon).
  3. In the toolbar, click the image icon (image icon).

    upload images

In the Image Properties popup, you can:

  1. Upload an image directly to
  2. Provide the URL of an image that is hosted on an external server or directly from the Internet.
  3. Browse images that have already been uploaded to

Upload Directly to

  1. Choose the file you’d like to upload.
  2. Click Send it to the Server.

    send it to the server
  3. When the image appears in the preview window, click OK.

Link to Images from an External Server

  1. Click Image Info, then paste the image link into the URL field. You see a preview.

    url field

Browse Images Already Uploaded to

  1. Click Image Info, then Browse Server.
  2. A list of the images that live on the server appears in a new window. Click Select to choose one to add it to your article.

Once you have uploaded your image, you can edit the dimensions, alignment, and more. Just click the Image Info tab. The Advanced tab gives you even more customization options, including custom CSS styling.

Fine-tune Your Knowledge Base

Add Topics

Topics are a great way to help customers find your articles easily.

To create a new topic for your support center, click Content > Topics in your admin panel, then click Add Topic. Apply a topic to an article with the Article Attributes component. We walked through that in Creating Articles for Your Support Center above.

Optimize Search Terms

Adding keywords is another way to help your customers find the articles they’re looking for. The search in your support center checks the keywords and the subject and body content of public articles. You can control the sorting of search results by giving different weight to different parts of your article.

To modify the search weighting, go to Admin and click Channels. Then select Advanced Settings under Support Center.

advanced settings

By default, all fields are weighted equally and are set to 5. Select different values to give more or less weight to each field.

Translate Topics and Articles

If your company provides support in multiple languages, then offer a translation of your articles and topics. Your first step is to enable the appropriate languages then add your own translations.

Open the Admin console, click the Settings icon (settings icon) and choose Multilingual Support. From here, you can enable the languages you wish to support by toggling On and clicking update.

Add Translations for Topics

Once you have enabled a language, it appears in the Topics tab. Click Translate to add translated content for each topic.

translated content

For each topic, click the gray plus sign icon (gray plus sign) below the language you want to add. Enter the name for the translation topic in the field, then click Update.

click update

Add Translations for Articles

You can only translate an article after the article is published. You also have to translate the article’s topic before you can translate the article. After completing those two steps, click Translate in the list of articles and click the gray plus sign icon (gray plus sign) under the language you want. Add your translated Title and article body, then click Update.

Super easy!

translation update

Great job! Now you know how to create knowledge base articles for your support center, how to add topics for searchability, and how to translate content for multilingual support. In the next unit, we cover Private Access, which lets your customers create their own account on your support center.