Use Data Studio to Supercharge Consumer Insights

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List the ways Data Studio helps supercharge Audience Studio.
  • Describe why businesses like our neutral business model.

Audience Studio + Data Studio

Remember Audience Studio? Here’s a quick refresher. Audience Studio:

  • Collects and stores first-party data in its most detailed form—sites visited, ads viewed, devices used, and purchases made.
  • Uses all data to build a complete view of the consumer.
  • Segments data into audiences for activation, personalization, and analysis.

With Audience Studio, businesses start by gathering first-party data, but everything the Audience Studio does becomes even better when you add partner data from Data Studio.  

Here’s how you can use Data Studio to supercharge Audience Studio.

  1. Unify and Identify: Find data from partners to inform audience planning.
  2. Manage Consent: Ensure only data with proper consumer consent is used or shared.
  3. Segment and Enrich: Enrich your first-party data with partner data to create deep audience personas.
  4. Activate and Personalize: Use data to inform content, and optimize messages across channels.
  5. Gain Insights: Unlock rich insights from customer journeys with data.

Businesses don’t have to use Audience Studio to use Data Studio, but they’re designed to work together seamlessly. It’s helpful to know that Data Studio brings more and better data to the Audience Studio party. This means that they make a wonderful pair that can satisfy any statistician.

Custom Data Partnerships

By now you know that Data Studio is a data-sharing platform, but it’s more than that. It’s a platform for sharing and building partnerships around data that’s not available anywhere else.

With Data Studio, extensive provisioning controls help businesses share data more securely. This allows businesses to easily create more customized data to share. In turn, this helps the businesses that use this custom data to take their understanding of consumers further than ever before.

On the left is Jorge, the CMO of Numero Uno, and Cherie, publisher of The Mews magazine. They’re saying, “We have the same consumers!” On the right, they shake hands and say, “Let’s be partners and grow our businesses!”

With partnerships, businesses have access to more specific and exclusive data that can help them give consumers better experiences. And we’re happy to say that many of the businesses that use Data Studio also happen to be the world’s biggest brands and publishers. This means the value of their data is off the charts!

We’re Neutral

Data Studio is a platform for sharing, but it doesn’t own or share data, or make any money when data is shared—the businesses that use Data Studio do. This is what makes Data Studio a neutral business model, and it means that we don’t compete with businesses that share data. There is no reason for Data Studio to promote certain data more in the platform.

Our neutral business model also makes it easier for businesses that use Data Studio to form long-term data-sharing partnerships with each other. Businesses can set partnership terms together, without worrying about Data Studio introducing variable costs.

Get to the Root of What Businesses Care About

Businesses that want to share data have specific needs, and Data Studio addresses them. Here are some qualities that businesses look for in partner data.

Data Qualities
The Challenge
How Data Studio Solves It
Fidelity—how accurate data is
Data that’s not accurate can be misleading, causing wasted money and missed opportunities.
Data Studio’s data is known, first-party data from established businesses.
Granularity—how detailed data is
Data that’s more detailed means businesses market and advertise smarter.
Data Studio helps businesses access detailed consumer data and data sources.
Availability—how scarce and unique data is
Data that’s available in lots of places isn’t as valuable.
Data Studio provides access to hundreds of leading brands that share data exclusively through Data Studio.
Recency—when data was collected
Data that isn’t current leads to outdated or irrelevant messages that don’t impress consumers.
Data Studio ensures businesses can access the most up-to-date data.
Relevance—how useful data is
Data that isn’t relevant doesn’t attract the right consumers.
Data Studio directs businesses to the most relevant data and customizes data.

All in All, Data Studio Has More

Just in case you’re wondering, compared with other data-sharing platforms, Data Studio has more to offer, especially when paired with Audience Studio. 

Data Studio

  • Starts with consent to ensure that data is shared only with consumer permission.
  • Offers the best provisioning and discovery tools to secure and find partner data.
  • Provides the partner data you need to supercharge Audience Studio.
  • Allows deep data partnerships featuring customizable data.
  • Has a neutral business model that prevents conflicts of interest.
  • Supports the data qualities businesses care about most.

No other data platform helps businesses make the most of data through secure sharing, to provide better data-driven experiences to consumers everywhere.


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