Drive Admissions Strategy with Analytics and AI

Learning Objectives:

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Describe how Einstein solutions Tableau CRM support recruitment and admissions teams.
  • Explain how actionable data insights help teams make informed strategy decisions.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your admissions data lives in different locations, and while you wish you could pull the data to help you answer a question, like “What are the home states or countries of our prospects and admitted students for the fall quarter compared to last year?”, assembling and compiling the data takes hours. You know that when viewed together, data can change the way you see your prospective and new students’ entire experience. Enter Einstein solutions, which solve the challenge of combining all this information to answer key questions.

Einstein Analytics dashboard on mobile.
Tableau CRM is secure, trusted, scalable, and, of course, mobile! It enables everyone on your team to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point-and-click visual interface. Whether you’re on a desktop browser or a mobile device, you can get the answers you need from your data in order to keep your recruitment and admissions team informed.

Data Maturity Model

The insights provided by Einstein solutions become pivotal as your data model grows more mature. The Data Maturity Model provides a framework to think about your institution’s data journey. Take a look at the four levels of the maturity model below and consider where you think your team is on the journey.

  • Level 1: Begin digitizing everything
    • Collect and organize your data
    • Create connections with other data sources

  • Level 2: Understand the full picture
    • See what’s happening with reports and dashboards
    • Reveal the “why” withTableau CRM

  • Level 3: Predict and anticipate next steps
    • Anticipate numerical data outcomes with Einstein Prediction Builder
    • Learn from past results

  • Level 4: Take action
    • Start noticing patterns with Einstein Discovery
    • Move forward with Einstein Next Best Action

How exactly do Einstein solutions support your recruitment and admissions team as your data model evolves? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading to see how each solution provides analytics that can drive your recruitment and admissions efforts, and how our Cloudy College team sees the impact of Einstein on their work.

Tableau CRM

After reports, analytics is the next step in making your data actionable. Because both tools help you make strategic decisions with your data, you may be wondering how analytics differs from reporting. When we talked about reporting in the previous unit, we mentioned great reporting relies on pinpointing a question you want your data to answer. The same is true with analytics, but the difference lies in the answers you get. Reporting shows what is happening and analytics determines why it is happening.

Reporting vs Analytics chart. Purpose of Reporting: Shows what is happening. Purpose of Analytics: Explains why it is happening. Tasks for Reporting: Organizing, Formatting, Summarizing. Tasks for Analytics: Questions, Interpreting, Exploring. Results for Reporting: Results are pushed to users for review. Results for Analytics: Users pull results to answer questions. Value of Reporting: Data into transformation. Value for Analytics: Offers recommendations to drive action.

Do you recall from the previous unit how we described dashboards as visual representations that can pull in data from multiple reports? Well, the same concept applies here. Analytics dashboards make it possible to visualize the insights provided by the tool. There are two pre-built Tableau CRM dashboards specifically for recruitment and admissions teams. These templates help teams get started right away with Tableau CRM by providing intelligent insights into your next recruiting class. Recruitment and admissions analytics dashboards make it easier to understand who your prospective students are, where they come from, and what they intend to study throughout their journey at your institution.

Sample Tableau CRM dashboard for recruitment and admissions.
In addition to the pre-built templates, you can create custom dashboards that allow you to bring in data from multiple sources, not just Salesforce. You have the ability to use a variety of widgets when building a custom dashboard so you can really tell a story with your data. Create filters, choose from a bank of visualizations, and use text or images to enhance the final presentation. If you’re wondering, “Why go to all this trouble?” consider this: when you use dashboards to present analytics insights, you can advocate effectively for the resources and strategies that will drive success at your institution.

Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery quickly analyzes existing data to spot patterns and themes. Discovery can identify correlations, predict outcomes, and suggest how your team can improve outcomes. For example, Cloudy College uses Einstein Discovery to predict whether a prospective student will accept an admission offer. How does Einstein do it? It looks at other students with similar interests and backgrounds and presents a prediction based on this data. By surfacing the most important insights and showing visualizations to help explain them, Discovery empowers Cloudy’s recruiters to take action to address patterns they might not have even known existed otherwise. 

Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder lets your team make predictions about almost any field in Salesforce. With its intuitive point-and-click interface, Prediction Builder streamlines the process of using predictions to power automations. Keep in mind, Prediction Builder does its best work when tasked with answering yes or no questions and predicting numerical data. For example, the Cloudy College recruitment team uses Prediction Builder to monitor whether or not they will reach their yield goal each year.

Once you build your predictions, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make them actionable. Build reports on your predictions so you can drive results forward and pivot when predictions don’t match your goals.

Einstein Next Best Action

Just like other Einstein tools, Next Best Action analyzes and synthesizes existing data to recommend how your team should move forward. Remember how Cloudy College uses Einstein Discovery to show whether a student is likely to accept admission based on previous admission cycle patterns? When Discovery predicts that a student isn’t likely to accept, Next Best Action recommends sending a personalized email highlighting specific clubs and programs that the student may be interested in, based on their high school participation.

Your team can supercharge Next Best Action by connecting it to automations. When it’s connected, the task reminding recruiters to send that personalized email will automatically be created.

You can easily try out Einstein Next Best Action and see how much of a difference it can make. Just go to your Setup page, click the Process Automation dropdown on the left, and then click Einstein Next Best Action.

Setup page for Next Best Action

Thanks for joining us for this tour of Einstein solutions. The next step to analytics success is to explore the training and documentation resources listed below.  


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