Get Started with Customer-Centric Discovery

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe customer-centric discovery at Salesforce.
  • List the four key steps of customer-centric discovery at Salesforce.

Focus on Customer Success

At Salesforce, we build solutions and strategies that help our customers overcome their challenges and find success. How do we do it? Our sales teams and partners work together and practice what we call customer-centric discovery.

Customer-centric discovery is the Salesforce method for learning more about customers so you can:

  • Gain insights into your customers’ business challenges.
  • Share those insights with your customers.
  • Inspire and connect with your customers, to lead them to new opportunities and improve the way they work.

With customer-centric discovery, we uncover our customers’ biggest challenges. When we identify their needs and co-create successful strategies, it’s easier to develop long-term customer relationships based on trust.

Our goal is to help customers focus on what really matters to their overall business, their employees, and their customers—whom we call consumers throughout this module. This is what we’re sharing with you here: how to use customer-centric discovery with your customers.

The Path to Success

To get to those successful projects and happy customers, we:

  • Co-create strategies based on confirmed challenges—so we know we’re working toward what matters most to the customer.
  • Focus on solutions that are the right size for the customer’s needs—so they can deliver on time and within budget.

We organize customer-centric discovery into four steps. Let’s see what happens during each one.

Customer-Centric Discovery Step
What You Do in This Step
Know Your Customer
Get to know your customer’s industry and business.
Be Your Customer
Take a walk in your customer’s shoes.
Connect with Your Customer
Share your insights with your customer.
Create with Your Customer
Develop a strategy with your customer.

With customer-centric discovery, you and your customer develop a shared understanding of their objectives and challenges. You both see the big picture in new ways and map out a successful journey.

Meet Alan Johnson and Cloud Kicks

Alan Johnson is the sales manager for Get Cloudy Consulting, a firm specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) implementations. Alan is a member of the Cloud Kicks account team—he’s awesome at building relationships and he’s an empathetic leader.

Alan uses customer-centric discovery to get to know Cloud Kicks better and guide them toward successful strategies by:

  • Getting to know his customer's business.
  • Taking a walk in his customer’s shoes.
  • Connecting with his customer.
  • Co-creating a strategy with his customer.

Customer-centric discovery works well for Alan because it helps him focus on solutions that meet his customer’s needs—not products and price lists. Alan knows this discovery process will lead him and Cloud Kicks to success.

Alan Johnson and his customer on a path to success.

Read on to learn more about the steps of customer-centric discovery and see what Alan does during each step.


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