Get Started with Consumer Experience Optimization

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of real-time interaction management (RTIM).
  • Explain how RTIM improves the customer journey.
  • List some capabilities of Interaction Studio.

What Is Real-Time Interaction Management?

Before we can define real-time interaction management, we need to explain what we mean by the “consumer experience.” When we talk about the consumer experience, we’re referring to the sum of all interactions a consumer has with the brand—spanning marketing, service, sales, and product interactions.

Real-time interaction management, or RTIM, is the ability to capture real-time consumer insights, and then use them to bring true personalization to every interaction with your brand—all in an instant. RTIM is an essential tool for marketers ready to take the consumer experience to the next level. 

Why Is It Important?

RTIM makes advanced personalization possible. With RTIM, marketers can coordinate interactions across owned channels for a seamless, connected consumer experience. Consumers receive the next-best action or offer at the exact moment that it’s likeliest to inspire action.

Let’s take a closer look at the core capabilities of real-time interaction management. 

Personalize the Consumer Experience

Let's review 5 ways RTIM helps you personalize the consumer experience. 


Consumer profiles are no longer just made up of demographic or geographic data. RTIM can help identify consumers across offline and online touchpoints, collecting data that expresses real behaviors and desires—what’s called behavioral data. Plus, RTIM tracks both known and unknown consumers in every interaction.


Consumer data profiles shouldn’t be just about search or purchase history. That’s only a one-sided view of an individual. RTIM can capture every activity across multiple channels, providing real-time, relevant insights on consumer behavior.

Next-Best Action

Now you can recommend the next-best action, call to action (CTA), or content using the consumer’s comprehensive data profile. RTIM helps you determine which offer, content, or message inspires engagement from the consumer.


Every consumer is unique. You need to deliver your message on the channel that’s right for each individual. RTIM can coordinate delivery of the next best action to the right touchpoint at the right time—for every consumer.


Consumer behavior changes. Trends change. Your marketing strategy is ever-evolving. RTIM can provide insights that help you get the best results not only from consumer interactions but also from your strategic planning.

Meet Interaction Studio

Ready to consider RTIM solutions for your brand? Let’s take a look at Interaction Studio, part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Interaction Studio impacts the entire business.

  • Increase conversions with campaigns, personalized content, next-best action, and next-best offers.
  • Onboard customers with lifecycle insights and optimization.
  • Increase first-call resolution and decrease average call-handling time with self-service customer care.
  • Retain more customers with renewals, relevant and timely campaigns, and targeted next-best offers.
  • Create brand advocates with loyalty programs, improved customer experiences, and proactive customer service.
  • Boost lifetime value with new tools to cross-sell and upsell.

Learn more about Interaction Studio in the Trailhead module, Interaction Studio Basics

Deliver Context-Driven Engagement on Every Channel, at Scale

The cornerstone of true one-to-one personalization is real-time data. Just consider the number of touchpoints available to each consumer for interaction with a brand. Marketers need a robust solution not just to collect and organize data, but to pull consumer intent from that information.

With Interaction Studio, you have access to complete and actionable real-time interaction data. Collect insights from any owned channel, store them in an engagement profile, and activate them to strengthen personalized consumer relationships through every interaction with your brand and products. When you combine real-time data with data collected from other sources, you can recognize each consumer as an individual—and treat them as one as well.


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