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Select a Default Display Forecast Currency and Enable Quotas

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain what a default display currency is.
  • Select a default display currency.
  • Explain what quotas and quota attainment information are.
  • Enable quotas for your team.

Set a Default Display Currency

If you have multiple currencies enabled, you select one to appear by default on the forecasts page.

Here are currencies you can set as default.
Currency What It’s Used For
Corporate Currency This is the currency your corporate headquarters uses to report revenue. This currency serves as the basis for all currency conversion rates.
Forecast Owner’s Personal Currency This is a user’s default currency for quotas, certain forecasting versions, and reports. This currency must be one of your active currencies.

Regardless of the default currency you select, forecast users can change the currency that appears on their forecasts page.

Nigel asks Lauren to set the Rollings Tech corporate currency as their default. Here’s how Lauren did it.

  1. From Setup, enter Company Information in the Quick Find box and select Company Information.
  2. Click Edit. Then, select Activate Multiple Currencies.
  3. Click Save.
  4. On the Forecasts Settings page, under Configure the Default Forecast Display, select Corporate Currency in the Forecast Currency picklist and click Save.

    The Forecasts Settings page with Corporate Currency selected as the default currency

Now the corporate currency appears by default on the forecasts page. Lauren’s forecast users can select a different currency if they want to.

Nigel’s forecasts page with Corporate Currency as the default and the option to change the currency

Enable Quotas for Your Team

A quota is a sales goal that’s assigned to a forecast user or territory. A manager’s quota equals the amount that the manager and team are expected to generate together. If you enable quotas, quota information appears on the forecasts page along with optional attainment percentages that show how well your team is doing.

If you use multiple forecast types, each type maintains its own quota information.

To get quota data into Salesforce, you use Setup, Data Loader, or APIs.
  • The Forecasts Quotas page in Setup is easy to use and doesn’t require API access.
  • Data Loader provides a simple point-and-click method for adding, inspecting, and editing data in Salesforce. API access is required.
  • APIs provide more flexibility but require you to write code. API access is required.

Rollings Tech relies heavily on quota attainment information to plan their sales strategies and to reward top performers. So Lauren enables quotas.

  1. On the Forecasts Settings page, under Configure the Default Forecast Display, select Show quotas and click Save.

    The Forecasts Settings page with Show quotas selected

Lauren’s team now has a default forecast currency, and if they choose to, they can show quotas and quota attainment information on the forecasts page.

The forecasts page with display options for quota information

Nigel’s forecasts page showing quotas and quota attainment information