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Manage Client Interactions

Lightning bolt icon used to indicate that the content is for Lightning Experience

Attention, Trailblazer!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience.

You can learn about switching between interfaces, enabling Lightning Experience, and more in the Lightning Experience Basics module here on Trailhead.

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • View the last and next interactions on the client profile.
  • Create a task.
  • Log a call.

Keep in Touch

Kotori is the point of contact for her financial advisors and their clients. Part of her job is making sure that each client interaction is documented. She logs each new call, event, and task. Sometimes, Kotori uses Chatter to communicate with her advisors.

However she communicates with them, Salesforce helps make sure there’s always a record. And since it’s centralized, everyone sees the same information. Kotori and her financial advisors can see the full client picture right away.

View and Log Client Interactions

What’s a quick way to see how long it’s been since a client was contacted and when you’re scheduled to contact them again? Check the Next Interaction and Last Interaction dates on the client’s profile.

Navigate to the client profile by selecting Accounts in the navigation bar and clicking the client name. Kotori is looking at Rachel Adams’s client profile.

Rachel Adams client profile with Next Interaction, 4/26/2018, and Last Interaction, 4/17/2018, highlighted

Rachel Adams last communicated with Kotori or one of her financial advisors on 4/17/2018. Kotori can quickly see details about all Rachel’s interactions in her Activity Timeline. She’s already on Rachel’s client profile, so she finds the Activity pane and scrolls down to view Rachel’s activities.

Rachel Adams client profile with the Activity Timeline highlighted to show Next Steps: Quarterly Earnings Summary and Send Birthday Gift

On the Activity Timeline on Rachel’s client record, Kotori notices Rachel’s birthday is tomorrow. There’s a task to send her a card, but it hasn’t been completed. Kotori remedies this situation.
  • Kotori clicks the Send Birthday Card task, sets the Status to In Progress, and saves the task.
  • She prepares a card for Rachel’s financial advisor, Ryan Dobson, to sign.
  • She’ll make sure it goes out in today’s mail and then change the task’s status to Completed.

Create a Task

Based on the activities in Rachel’s timeline, Kotori sees that Rachel is thinking about her goal to pay for her niece’s wedding. The wedding is coming up soon. Here’s how Kotori creates a task to call Rachel in a month to make sure she’s progressing toward her goal.

  1. Click App launcher.
  2. Select Wealth Management.
  3. Select Accounts in the navigation bar and click the customer name.
  4. In the Activity tab, click New Task.
  5. Enter the values. Kotori enters the following values. She makes sure to give the task a status and priority because those fields are required and she can’t create a task without them.
    • Subject: Call Rachel re: wedding planning
    • Due date: 5/05/2018
    • Status: Not started
    • Priority: Normal
    • Regarding: Service
    • Type: Call
  6. Click Save.

Log a Call

A month later, Kotori sees the task on her Tasks list on her home page. Today is the day to call Rachel about the wedding planning. She makes the call. While she’s talking, she makes sure to log the conversation.

  1. Select Accounts in the navigation bar and click the customer name.
  2. In the Activity pane, click Log a Call.
  3. Enter the details of the call in the Comment field. For this example, Kotori enters the following: Called Rachel Adams to check the status of her goal to save for her niece Laura’s wedding. They’ve rented a lovely hall and the bridesmaids’ dresses are lavender. Rachel isn’t quite where she wants to be on her goal and was glad for the reminder.
  4. From the Regarding dropdown, select Service.
  5. Click Save.

You understand the full client picture, from viewing a client’s relationships and creating financial goals to logging interactions. Now you’re ready to provide your clients with the best customer experience.