Report on Your Campaigns

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the categories of information available in campaign reports.
  • Explain how to find out-of-the-box campaign reports.
  • Describe three example reports.

Margaret is excited to start using the full potential of campaigns to help All Seasons sell more grills. Now that she can see how to use campaigns to streamline her marketing, she starts to wonder what she can find out about her campaigns’ success at creating quality pipeline and generating leads.

Enter campaign reports.

Learn More About Your Campaigns

With built-in campaign reports, Margaret can easily see who her campaigns are targeting, who has responded to each campaign, and how much revenue they’re generating.

You can find the built-in campaign reports by clicking the Reports tab, then New Report, and then Campaigns from the list of report types. The Campaigns report folder contains several reports.

To see who her campaigns have targeted, Margaret can look at the Campaigns with Contacts or Campaigns with Leads reports.

The Campaign Contacts report

The Campaigns with Contacts report lists each of your campaigns and all of the contacts associated with them.

The Campaigns with Campaign Members report shows how many campaign members—including any combination of leads, contacts, and person accounts that you added to your campaigns—have responded to each campaign.

The Campaign Member Analysis report

The Campaign with Opportunities report shows all the opportunities generated by your campaigns. Add the Amount field to see the revenue from each opportunity. You can filter the report to show only closed deals to focus on revenue generated, or show all deals to focus on pipeline built from your marketing efforts.

The Campaign Revenue report

With built-in reports, it’s easy for Margaret to understand the results of her team’s efforts, so she can see what’s working and what isn’t.

You can group report results by campaign type to see how your email campaigns or events are performing. The custom fields you add to your campaign greatly affect the level of detail you get with reports. For example, capturing fields like campaign focus or product let you report on the success of marketing efforts in those specific areas.

Margaret feels relieved. Now she can clearly see how Salesforce campaigns can solve some of her problems and take her marketing department to the next level.

With campaigns, you too can organize, streamline, and add power to your marketing efforts.


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