Deliver Seamless Customer Engagement with Distributed Marketing

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to adhere to brand standards.
  • Explain how to give anyone access to approved content.
  • Identify how consumers engage with your brand.
  • Learn about top functionality within Distributed Marketing.

Ensure Compliance with Corporate Marketing Brand Standards

Corporate marketers can create and deploy best-practice consumer journeys to advisors, owners, and partners using Journey Builder. Journey Builder is Marketing Cloud’s journey management tool that enables marketers to create targeted, one-to-one journeys across channels and devices. They can then distribute those journeys to franchise owners, advisors, and dealers to ensure they have on-brand marketing-approved content to send to their clients and customers.

For example, the corporate marketing team at an auto manufacturer can develop a holiday promotion journey for their dealerships to use when engaging with consumers who have expressed interest in a new car before the end of the year.

Give Anyone Access to Approved Content

Financial advisors, insurance agents, and dealership owners are not always marketers by trade, so understanding the importance of seamless marketing and executing on-brand messages can be complex. Nonmarketers can now easily access prebuilt marketing journeys within Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Community Cloud that they can personalize and send to consumers. 

For example, insurance brokers who want to engage with new clients can log into their broker portal powered by Financial Services Cloud to access a showroom of available journeys for new client onboarding, and then deliver personalized, on-brand communication to their new customers.

Understand How Consumers Engage

It’s important for brands to understand how consumers are responding to marketing messages. At the partner level, advisors, franchise owners, and dealers can now see how each individual consumer is interacting with the messages they’ve delivered. All of that engagement data is visible in Marketing Cloud at the aggregate, journey level. This means the corporate marketer has complete visibility into how each message in the journey is performing. If necessary, the marketer can then adapt and change the journey to continue delivering the optimal experience.

For example, after sharing suggested journeys with all of its franchisees, a fast-food franchise can look at engagement analytics to uncover that email marketing works better than digital advertising when offering a seasonal discount.

Distributed Marketing Functionality

Distributed Marketing from Salesforce bridges the gap between corporate marketing, employees, channel partners, and your brand to deliver consistent experiences. Corporate marketers build on-brand, cross-channel journeys in Marketing Cloud and deploy them to advisors, owners, and partners. These individuals then add their contacts to the journeys and personalize messages for each contact.

Distributed Marketing is a managed package installed within clouds such as Sales, Service, Financial Services, and Partner Communities. Through Salesforce Campaigns, Distributed Marketing provides Marketing Cloud journey email content for distributed teams to personalize and send.

Check out this video to learn a little more about Distributed Marketing.

With Distributed Marketing, brands can...
Enhance Campaigns with Marketing Cloud Journeys:

Empower Your Team with Marketing Cloud
Create journeys with email, mobile, and ads that deliver the next best action.

Unite Marketing with All Areas of the Business
Access journeys within Sales, Service, and
Community Clouds.

Control Campaigns Users Can Access
Leverage Salesforce’s robust permissions and sharing model.
Screenshot of the Connect Campaign window to associate a journey with a campaign.
Campaign Messages

Engage Your Entire Book of Business:

Engage the Right Audience
Add any contact, lead, or person account to a campaign.

Deliver a Single Message
Send a one-off message with Quick Send.

Send with Confidence
Easily select, review, and validate for each member or group.

Messages for Any Use Case
Send a thank you, meeting follow-up or reminder, or an offer or promotion.
Screenshot of the approve and reject buttons in the approval flow.
Member Selection & Approval

Preview and Personalize Content At Scale:

Review Content at a Glance
Quickly preview messages before sending to an individual or group.

Make Personalization Easy
Create default personalization responses.

Leverage Data for Personalized Content 
Customize messages for one recipient, or many.

Consistent Targeting at Every Touchpoint
Craft the right message based on online and
offline engagement.
Screenshot of personalizing a message for an individual recipient.
Flexible Previews and Personalization

Understand how Customers are Engaging with You: 

Analyze Real-Time Engagement Data
Drill into individual email results to view detailed engagement for each member.

Measure and Optimize Performance 
View aggregate engagement results.

Identify Gaps and Improvements
Pivot logic, activities and messages to meet customer needs and expectations.
Screenshot of tracking data for campaign message engagement.
Tracking & Engagement Data

And this is only beginning! Check out the next module to see how you can get started with Distributed Marketing from Salesforce.