Succeed from Home

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Make the most of virtual connections.
  • Succeed from your home workspace.

Stay Social

Sometimes, when you’re working from home, you can feel isolated and alone. We’ve talked about staying connected with your team and collaborating on work projects. But in order to have a well-rounded experience, you need social engagement, too.

On a personal level, social connection supports your spirit and your momentum. It also strengthens bonds between coworkers, building trust and cooperation. And socializing with colleagues is good not only for the soul, but also for your career, your reputation, and your relationships.

Of course, everyone is different when it comes to how much socializing they need. A couple of friends may do it for you; or the more, the merrier.

Finally, friendly socializing is a proven stress reliever. For a deeper look at the reasons why socializing is beneficial—even necessary—check out the articles listed in the Resources section.

Social Activities When You’re Working from Home

Looking for inspiration? Try these ideas on for size.

  • Start a remote-friendly book group.
  • Take a virtual class to learn a craft or a skill.
  • Take an online class to learn to dance, practice yoga, or play chess.
  • Start a themed group on Chatter (for example, “Movie Club” for people who love movies).
  • Start a tradition of sharing photographs around a theme once a week. #PhotoFriday

Invite Colleagues to Virtual Coffee

Invite one of your colleagues or a teammate to have virtual coffee or tea meetups with you. You get to hear more about what’s going on, and you can even get a sense of being right down the hall from your teammates, no matter where they are.

Want more of a group interaction? Try scheduling a monthly virtual coffee or tea date with several colleagues—it’s always good to stay in touch, and it’s a great way to feel connected.

Host Virtual Hangouts

Host remote hangouts for you and your colleagues at times that are convenient for all, across time zones. And consider setting ground rules, such as social chatting only (no work talk allowed), or family, friends, and pets welcome (or not!). You can even pick themes for your gathering, like sharing favorite movie quotes, doing trivia, playing music, or everyone wears a fun hat. Get creative!

One important note: If you decide to do a happy hour, make sure everyone feels included by making alcohol optional.

A virtual water cooler chat, with each colleague joining from their own computer

Impromptu Is Sometimes Best

Sometimes, the best virtual meetings happen on a whim. Maybe your afternoon is winding down and you’ve decided to play your guitar for a bit. Spin up a virtual hangout and share it with your colleagues. Who knows? It could end up being that great jam session everyone talks about for years to come.

You’re Ready to Succeed from Home

You’ve learned how to set up your home office, show up, and collaborate, no matter where you’re located. Now you’re ready to succeed from home during these times of crisis, and well into the future.


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