Get Started with B2B Marketing Analytics

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe B2B Marketing Analytics.
  • Identify Tableau CRM app components.
  • Define common Tableau CRM terminology.

B2B Marketing Analytics and Pardot

B2B Marketing Analytics is a Tableau CRM app that’s built for the B2B marketer. It uses your existing Salesforce-Pardot connector to consolidate and analyze vast amounts of data so you don’t have to do it manually. This means you can create customizable dashboards to view and report on metrics, share insights with teams, and take data-driven actions to maximize marketing and sales efforts. 

Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard

Leung Chen, the marketing manager at Get Cloudy Consulting (remember her from the Pardot Lightning App Basics module?), is setting up the B2B Marketing Analytics app. Get Cloudy wants to identify top performing campaigns to help drive conversion and ultimately close deals faster. Using B2B Marketing Analytics allows them to pull in data from both Salesforce and Pardot, to slice, dice, and visualize it in easy-to-use widgets. 

What’s Included?

A Tableau CRM app includes components to help you analyze data and take action on it. These components are available out of the box, but Leung can also customize them to suit Get Cloudy’s needs.

  • Dataset: A source of data formatted and optimized for interactive exploration in an app template.
  • Lens: A customized, filtered view of a dataset’s data.
  • Dashboard: A curated set of charts, metrics, and tables based on the filtered data from one or more lenses. B2B Marketing Analytics comes with Marketing Manager, Pipeline, and Engagement dashboards out of the box. Find out more about what’s included on these dashboards in Salesforce Help.

Common B2B Marketing Analytics Terms

Before she begins, Leung familiarizes herself with Tableau CRM terminology so she can begin customizing her data faster. Here are some of the most common terms, but she can also find a comprehensive list in Salesforce Help.

App: Apps are like folders. Use them to share and organize projects. In Tableau CRM, an app contains all the dashboards, lenses, and datasets you create to analyze your data. 

Dimension: A dimension is a qualitative value that’s handy for grouping and filtering your data.

Filter: A way to separate and show limited results, based on criteria such as date range, opportunity stage, or Pardot tag. 

Group: A group is a collection of data based on a specific dimension, such as product name or account.

Measure: A quantitative value, such as revenue or exchange rate. You can “do math” on measures, such as calculate the total revenue or minimum exchange rate.

Visualization: A visual representation of data, such as a chart or graph. 

Leung now knows how Pardot and Tableau CRM connects marketing and sales data in one place and can help Get Cloudy make informed, data-driven decisions.


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