Identify Your B2B Commerce Team

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the responsibilities of the B2B Commerce admin.
  • List who works together to administer B2B Commerce.

The Ursa Major Solar Admin Is a B2B Commerce Wiz

Meet Maria Jimenez (she, her). Maria is the admin in charge of Salesforce B2B at Ursa Major Solar, a supplier of solar components and systems that sells its products to retailers and contractors via B2B Commerce stores. The company is an existing Salesforce customer, and also uses Sales, Service, and Experience Clouds.

Maria Jimenez, Ursa Major Solar admin

In her expanded role, Maria has to administer Ursa Major Solar's investment in Salesforce B2B Commerce in Lightning Experience. Why has Ursa Major Solar invested in this part of Salesforce? As the company expands, it wants to streamline the way it orders the primary materials it uses in manufacturing. The company is betting on B2B Commerce to keep on top of all the new orders going out and materials coming in.

In addition to her tasks as the B2C admin, now Maria is responsible for: 

  • Setting up and configuring the profiles and permissions for all the users accessing Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning Experience
  • Keeping a tight rein on security and org sharing settings, and who exactly needs to see what information in the org, in the Commerce app, and the stores
  • Configuring the store, including creating new page layouts
  • Enabling multiple currencies and languages so Ursa Major Solar can expand internationally
  • Creating buyer groups and associating them to a store
  • Creating and mapping product catalogs and price books to the store
  • Setting up entitlements that define which products and prices buyers see
  • Previewing, activating, and publishing the store
  • Creating reports and dashboards to keep on top of all the metrics in B2B Commerce
  • Keeping up to date with all the platform changes, and making sure they don’t affect the store

What keeps Maria up at night, though? Well, for one, she has to coordinate a lot of stakeholders, and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to setting up and configuring B2B Commerce. She also has to make sure that all the end users who access the Commerce app know what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. 

Teamwork Makes the B2B Dream Work

Maria undoubtedly has her hands full with all the responsibilities that come with being the commerce admin (those were a lot of tasks we just listed). Thankfully, she has a team of collaborators to call upon when needed. Let’s meet them now. 

The core team is composed of these other Ursa Major Solar teammates. 

  • Wei Leung (she/her), developer
    Wei Leung, Ursa Major Solar developer
  • Taylor Givens (they, them), senior merchandiser
    Taylor Givens, Ursa Major Solar senior merchandiser

Obviously, others in Ursa Major Solar work on making the B2B commerce effort a success: buyer managers, buyers, support agents, and marketing managers, to name a few. But the core team of Maria, Taylor, and Wei are the go-to folks for making sure everything is running as it should.  

Maria's Salesforce admin profile, with its super powerful Customize Application permission, gives her carte blanche to do all her tasks as the Commerce admin. Next, we find out which permissions the other team members need in order to successfully do their jobs.


Salesforce Help: Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning Experience

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