Define Personas and Permissions for the Team

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define the personas, in addition to the commerce admin, who help set up B2B Commerce for Lightning Experience.
  • State which permissions each persona needs to effectively complete their tasks.

Meet Wei Leung, Ursa Major Solar's Developer

Wei (she/her), the Ursa Major Solar developer, has a lot on her mind. She’s normally busy studying the company’s business processes and creating custom solutions for a variety of roles within Ursa Major Solar. 

Wei Leung, Ursa Major Solar developer

When Ursa Major Solar invested in B2B Commerce for Lightning Experience, Wei dug into what she needed to do to support this new investment. As the developer, she’s going to be called on to do the following.

  • Upload product data from external systems into Salesforce, especially if it involves setting up an integration.
  • Set up and customize the checkout flow using Flow Builder.
  • Set up integrations with external systems, including (but not limited to) integrations for product data, tax calculations, order management data, and payment authorizations. She can use Apex and managed packages to set up the integrations.

Like Maria Jimenez. (she/her), the admin, Wei has the Customize Application permission to do everything that she needs to do in Salesforce. In addition, she has the Author Apex permission, just in case she needs to write Apex code to fulfill her tasks.

Meet Taylor Givens, Front-End Builder and Merchandiser

Front-end development is a team effort at Ursa Major Solar. Though Taylor (they/them)is responsible for how the store looks, they work with Wei and Maria to complete these tasks.

  • Designing landing pages, templates, and the user interface
  • Creating wireframes, sitemaps, and style sheets
  • Maintaining cart and checkout flows (after the back-end developer has created them)
  • Collaborating with copywriters and developers to develop digital assets

Part of Taylor's day-to-day is spent in Experience Builder, which lets them quickly create and style the store and its associated site to the Ursa Major Solar branding. 

Using Experience Builder, Taylor customizes components that appear on each page of the store, as well as the pages themselves. They are essentially driving the buyers’ experience in all aspects of the store. How many products will buyers see on a search result page? How much detail will the product detail page have? How many columns of products will show up on a given page? Will there be a lot of space between the product columns, or just a sliver?

Taylor has to think of this and more when designing the buyers’ user experience. 

Product Results Display component, with setting for the front-end developer.

Maria also gets involved. She creates a permission set that gives Taylor the following permissions so they can do their daily tasks.

  • Create and Set Up Experiences
  • View Setup and Configuration

And with that, let’s see how Taylor adds the final touches. 

Taylor Adds the Final Touches

Taylor is happy to put all the final touches on the products that are being offered by Ursa Major Solar. Without Taylor, Ursa Major Solar products wouldn’t have any snazzy descriptions or enticing product details. Their main tasks are to: 

  • Coordinate with stakeholders about product information, and update it
  • Set up and modify product categories, product mixes, and placement
  • Work with Maria to optimize product search
  • Manage the launch of products
  • Work with a marketing manager to launch promotions
  • Track analytics related to products

Taylor's main concerns are the concerns of merchandisers everywhere:

  • Getting everyone on the same page about the right messaging to convey about products
  • Getting the right data to report metrics to higher-ups
  • Making sound decisions based on large amounts of data

Taylor's day-to-day tasks are done in the B2B Commerce app, which they can access as part of the B2B Commerce license assigned to their user. They don’t need any special permissions to do their job.

Here’s what the Commerce app looks like when Taylor logs in to Salesforce. 

Commerce app in Salesforce.

From here, they can easily do all their merchandiser tasks, and reach out to Maria for help if they need anything.

She's happy to help.

Setting Up the Profiles and Permissions for Everyone Accessing B2B Commerce

Beyond Maria, Wei, and Taylor, a host of other groups need to access B2B Commerce in some way. Maria makes a chart of all the folks who need access, what exactly they’ll be doing, and how to give them the access they need. 

Role Main Task License System Permissions App Permissions Access Granted Using
Developer Uploading product data from external systems into Salesforce and configuring checkout Full Salesforce license
  • Customize Application
  • Author Apex
None Profile or permission set
Front-End Builder Designing the user interface Full Salesforce license
  • Create and Set Up Experiences
  • View Setup and Configuration
None Profile or permission set
Merchandiser Managing the launch of products B2B Salesforce Included with license Included with license Profile or permission set
Buyer Buying products from a Ursa Major Solar store and buying on behalf of other users Customer Community Plus
  • B2B Commerce User
  • Flow User
None Permission set
Buyer Manager Approving purchases and managing buyers Customer Community Plus
  • B2B Commerce Super User
  • Manage Account Address
  • Delegated External User Administration
Permission set

In addition to the system and app permissions, she adds the following object and field permissions to the permission sets for buyer and buyer manager. 

For both buyers and buyer managers, she grants read access to the following objects. 

  • Account
  • Buyer Accounts
  • Carts
  • Catalogs
  • Categories
  • Electronic Media Groups
  • Images
  • Locations
  • Order Summaries
  • Price Books
  • Products
  • Product Category Products
  • Product Items
  • Product Media
  • Stores
  • Store Catalog

Both buyers and buyer managers also get read, edit, and create access to the following objects.

  • Contact Point Address
  • Carts
  • Orders

Under Contact Point Addresses, buyers get read access to all the address fields, while buyer managers get read and edit access to the address fields. 

Once Maria creates and assigns all the various profiles and permission sets, she’s well on her way to realizing Ursa Major Solar's B2B Commerce dreams. 


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