Find the Information You Need

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Search for information and people.
  • Narrow, filter, and sort your search.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

Finding the right context and people are critical to success when working asynchronously. In Slack, you can quickly find the channels, messages, files, and people you need to move work forward without having to schedule meetings or waiting for teammates to respond to messages.

Search for Information and People

Say you’re building a relationship with a client and you need to gather context about them. Instead of setting up a meeting with teammates to learn about the client, try finding the information you need by searching in Slack. Just type the client’s name in the search bar to find related messages, files, and channels across your company. 

Your search results can include a list of key contacts, a presentation template, or channels for previous work with the client.

Starting a search in Slack for past context about a client, including a contact list, a presentation template, and a channel

If you need additional context from people you work with, click the People option in the search results. You’ll see a list of teammates who have talked about the client in past conversations so you can message them to learn more.

Search results including people that talk about the client

If you don’t find what you’re looking for after an initial search, there are ways to narrow, filter, and sort your results. Narrow the scope of your search by adding modifiers to your search terms. For example, add quotation marks to search for a specific phrase. In the example, Big Corp Inc was entered in search, and People was selected to find who mentioned Big Corp Inc in the past. 

Let’s say you know the right person who knows about the client. Before reaching out to them, you can do some research about what they’ve said and announced to avoid repeating conversations. Add from: in front of a display name to search for information shared by someone specific. 

You can also combine multiple modifiers. Say you want to find what Zoe Maxwell said about an important meeting with Big Corp Inc back in January. You can enter Big Corp Inc from:@Zoe during:January

Visit the Slack Help Center for a list of modifiers you can use to search in Slack.

Using search modifiers such as in: and from: to narrow results by conversation and by messages sent my someone specific

You can also filter and sort your results to help find exactly what you need. For example, filter results by date range, and sort them from newest to oldest. You can even filter results to find conversations with a specific emoji reaction ✨!

Using additional filters to further narrow results from a search

In this module, you dove deeper into the features that enable asynchronous work in Slack, like sending updates via channels, how to update your status and manage your notifications, and how to use advanced search features. These tools can help you get your work done faster even when you’re collaborating with people who have different work hours.


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