Scale Your Marketing With AI

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to scale with AI.
  • Discuss how AI provides personalized solutions.

Boost Email Campaigns with AI

By now, you’re getting a good idea of all the awesome things that AI can make possible. It’s not only changing the way effective marketing is carried out, but it’s also impacting the way customers expect and anticipate to do business. Scaling a business is one of AI’s superpowers. Let’s take a look.

Let’s use an example to show how AI can successfully scale a business. Marcella is a marketing manager at a grocery store who is managing email campaigns for the business. She uses AI to manage how her emails are performing with subscribers. AI gives her insights into key metrics such as drops in email engagement. AI then can surface recommendations on how to boost her email campaign. Think of AI as her digital assistant. 

She can also use AI to create template emails. If she automates it, this can save her a considerable amount of time. She can drop content into template fields based on targeted customer history, making the content even more relevant to subscribers.

Marcella can also use customer data to create personalized customer experiences elsewhere. Marcella can use data to get a holistic view of her customer.

AI can also help her determine the best times to reach out to those customers. She optimizes send time, frequency of messages, and is able to adjust customer journey paths based on recommendations from her AI tools.

Wow! There’s a lot more to AI than data organization, right? One of the coolest things about AI applications are personalizations that make everything seamless. Let’s tackle that in the next section.

Personalize with AI

We talked about how Marcella can use AI to understand how to improve customer engagement. Now let’s discuss how to use it to personalize those engagements with customers. 

Marcella uses AI to send push notifications to the store’s most loyal customers. It allows her to automate those messages at optimal times. AI helps serve up notifications that are both personalized and relevant, making for a better customer experience. 

Let’s look at this from the customer perspective. Rio, a longtime subscriber to Marcella’s marketing emails, is interested in getting the best deals. She signs up for Marcella’s email list when she sees there are daily coupons. Upon signing up, she receives an automated welcome email, allowing her to select how often to receive those coupons. She also indicates she’s interested in some recipes. 

Her selections are stored in Marcella’s marketing AI tools, and she uses those tools to help her design the best shopping experiences for her customers. The more Rio interacts with the email, the more tailored the experience becomes, thanks to AI. 

This deep personalization helps build brand loyalty. Like any transformative business tool, AI is changing the face of how things get done—and what customers expect.

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