Navigate AppExchange

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the key elements of the AppExchange home page.
  • Understand how to navigate AppExchange using search and recommendations.
  • Describe AppExchange collections.

Skill Up

In the previous unit, you decided to look for a solution on AppExchange that can help you understand how Ursa Major’s sales team is using Salesforce. You also developed your AppExchange strategy. AppExchange is rich with innovative options, so how do you find what you need? Keep reading to increase your AppExchange skills and find your best-fit solution.

Personalize Your Experience

Maybe you’ve heard of, your unified profile across Salesforce Platform. What this means is that you can log in to one Salesforce property, such as Trailhead, then go to another property, like AppExchange, and you’re automatically logged in. No need to remember a bunch of complicated passwords.

No matter why you visit AppExchange, it’s worth taking a few seconds to make sure you’re logged in. Logging in levels up your AppExchange experience by personalizing the home page for how you use Salesforce.

How to Navigate the Home Page

You logged in to AppExchange. What now? The answer depends on whether you’ve come to AppExchange to browse, or if you’ve done a bit of strategizing ahead of time. In either case, let’s take a moment to get familiar with the key sections on the home page. After we do that, it’s easy to see what’s next.

Start at the Top

A view of the search box and the top-level navigation menu on the AppExchange home page

  • Search bar (1): We don’t have to tell you how a search bar works, but if you’ve come to AppExchange with a strategy, search is your secret weapon. Just plug in keywords from your strategy and let AppExchange do the heavy lifting.
  • Recommended for You (2): This tab has you in mind. It contains a curated, personalized list of recommended solutions and consultants just for you. We go deeper into recommendations in just a bit.
  • Solutions by Type (3): If you’re in the mood to browse, the Solutions by Type category lets you narrow your focus to specific types of solutions, such as apps. Within a solution type, you can filter by price, rating, and other criteria to refine listings based on your requirements.
  • Product and Industry Collections (4) and Latest Collections (6): Collections are another great option when you feel like browsing. There’s a lot to learn about collections, so we dive into Collections later in this unit.
  • Consultants (5): Consultants are specialists with deep industry knowledge and proven Salesforce expertise. They join forces with our customers to help them achieve their goals. When you need extra help on your Salesforce projects, look here to find it.
To summarize, head to the search bar if you’ve got an AppExchange strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, browse a collection or check out solutions by type.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

It can take more than one AppExchange visit to find what you need. As long as you’re logged in, when you’re in the middle of an ongoing search for a solution or consultant, check out Pick Up Where You Left Off. You see a summary of your most recently viewed listings. That makes it easier to continue your exploration. By the way, you can save any listing to revisit it later on. We talk about how to save listings in the next unit.

When you’re logged in, we also show you listing suggestions from Appy, your expert guide to AppExchange. Appy’s picks are based on your role, the industry you work in, and other aspects of your Salesforce experience. The more you use AppExchange, the better the picks get.

A view of the Pick Up Where You Left Off and Appy’s Picks For You sections on the AppExchange home page


Appy’s suggestions are best when your profile is up to date. To view your profile, visit

View Our Collections

You learned in the last unit that collections are groups of listings curated by AppExchange experts. Browse all three collections: Product, Industry, and Latest.

The Product Collections category organizes listings according to Salesforce product, such as Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud. You focus on the Sales Cloud recommendations for Ursa Major.

A sample Product Collections submenu

Likewise, the Industry Collections page lets you view listings by major industry, such as Education and Healthcare & Life Sciences.

A sample Industry Collections submenu

The Latest Collections category, however, is something special. It’s your one-stop shop to explore all of AppExchange's newest collection pages to find apps and experts that are right for your business. For example, you can explore our recently launched collection pages that highlight black-owned businesses, women-owned and founded businesses, and AAPI-owned businesses to honor and promote diverse partners in the Salesforce Platform.

A sample of AppExchange’s Latest Collection Pages

Be sure to check out this collection: the Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide. Labs solutions are free, customizable apps built by Salesforce employees to help you get started faster. The guide walks you through the many possible ways to put Labs apps to work for your business.

To learn all the up-to-date info about all of our Latest Collections, bookmark the page and check back often to stay on top of newly added collections.

Collection Spotlight: Salesforce Labs

As mentioned, Labs apps are built by Salesforce employees. Because Salesforce employees aren’t only busy building apps, but also doing their day jobs, Salesforce Labs apps aren’t supported in the ways that a paid app might be. 

However, there are many advantages for you to choose a Salesforce Labs app—they’re:

  • Free
  • Built by Salesforce employees
  • Security tested and reviewed
  • Built primarily with native Salesforce technologies
  • Widely known for their quality and utility
  • Mostly open source on GitHub

View the Salesforce Labs Apps collection on AppExchange to get started.

The Salesforce Labs Apps page with listing tiles

You can also:

Use Recommendations to Your Advantage

The Recommended for You category acts like your favorite neighbor, the one who offers you a tool when you need it or knows the plumber you call in a pinch.  

The Recommended for You page showing Appy’s Picks for Getting Started and Getting Started: Salesforce Labs recommendations

The recommendations are based on where you’re located, what you’ve installed, the community profile info you’ve shared, and more. When you arrive on AppExchange and haven’t logged in, get started with Appy’s Picks For Getting Started (1) and Getting Started: Salesforce Labs (2) recommendations.

But of course, as an AppExchange expert, you’re already logged in so you see a tailored experience.

The Here’s What I Found for You page with call outs on Inspired by Your Searches (1), Getting Started: Customers Recommend (2), Trending (3), and Free Solutions Recommended for You (4)

Did we say recommendations are like a good neighbor? It’s more like a whole neighborhood of advice.
  • Inspired by Your Searches (1): Recommendations that spring from your recent searches.
  • Getting Started: Customers Recommend (2): Solutions that your fellow AppExchange customers use and have rated highly.
  • Trending (3): Seeing the same old, same old would be boring. And AppExchange is anything but. Here you see a selection of recommendations based on your previous browsing and searching activity. Check back often!
  • Free Solutions Recommended for You (4): Cost-free solutions from Salesforce Labs and other partners? Count us in!

Search and Filter the Expert Way

Remember your AppExchange strategy? You’re looking for a free app for Ursa Major that’s compatible with Lightning Experience that can help you track user adoption.

Two Ursa Major employees in a solar panel factory and one holding a tablet with Salesforce and AppExchange

You can use those free recommendations, but let’s use search and filters to get specific.

  1. In a new browser tab, open the AppExchange website.
  2. In the search box, enter dashboard.
  3. Press Enter or Return.
  4. In Solution Type (A), deselect all types but Apps.
  5. In Prices (B), deselect all prices but Free.
  6. In Clouds and Features (C), select Lightning Experience.
  7. Click Apply Filters (D).

Using searching and filtering, you went from thousands of possible offerings to a shorter list. Pretty cool, right? The top result, Salesforce Adoption Dashboards listing, looks promising for Ursa Major. It’s free, has a 4.5 star rating, and has a recent Latest Release.

But Wait, There’s More…

Go ahead and click Salesforce Adoption Dashboards to open this listing. You need it for the next unit. 

But before you move on, let’s review how far you’ve come. In this unit, you learned how to navigate the AppExchange home page, use search, filters, and recommendations. You even browsed our curated collections. Whew!

Keep reading to become the expert you know you are, and learn about AppExchange listings in detail.


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