Join the Age of Makers Movement

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Volunteer to facilitate the Age of Makers game and its programs.
  • Contribute to the Age of Makers game.

Multiple Ways to Contribute

As we covered in the previous units, Age of Makers was built with and for volunteers and educators to empower them to inspire the next generation of global changemakers. Salesforce and our initial team of visionary volunteers worked hard to build the foundation. Now we need your support to reach its full potential.

There are multiple ways to get involved, all of which harness your skill sets and determination to make the world a better place.

Run the Age of Makers Programs Locally

Age of Makers programs are ready-made ways to get involved and inspire local students to impact the world around them. It comes with these resources. 

  • The Age of Makers game
  • Two programs:
    • Music for Change: a social-impact, music-production, and digital-literacy curriculum that gives young people from around the world a voice for social justice.
    • Future Trailblazer Challenge: a maker curriculum that challenges students to solve one of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using cutting-edge technologies, like 3D printing or micro:bits (small programmable electronic devices).
  • Comprehensive guides for volunteers that explain how to facilitate the game and its programs
  • Slide decks that can be used in all the virtual or in-person sessions with the students
  • Tips and tricks

Ready to get started? To get everything you need to run one of these programs locally, see the Resources section below.

Contribute to the Age of Makers Game

Do you have feedback about the game and its programs? Are you a developer who wants to help build the game’s next cool feature? Good news! We’ve intentionally designed the game to enable you to enhance the game and build new features.

The game is open-source, which means that its code source is available online under a BSD 3-Clause license in this GitHub repository: salesforce/ageofmakers.

Like any volunteer-driven effort, we have a wish list of priority projects that you can find on the Age of Makers GitHub’s wiki guides.

If you have other ideas about how to enhance the game and curriculum, we’d love to hear them. Innovative thinking is the heart of this movement.

To learn how to get involved, see the GitHub wiki guides or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!


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