Take Action With Actionable Relationship Center

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Add members and relationships in ARC.
  • Create a financial goal using related lists in ARC.
  • Take notes using quick actions in ARC.
  • Share client data using CDS.
  • Discover new prospects using ERI.

Rachel and her husband recently welcomed a new adorable member to the Adams household: Sophie, their 68-day-old adopted daughter. And just like any responsible parent, Rachel has already started planning for the baby’s future. She wants to make sure that her daughter gets the best college education possible. 

She tells Ryan that she’s planning to open a college fund for Sophie. Ryan informs her that Cumulus has a savings account tailor-made for college funds with the best interest rates. Rachel is impressed and wants Ryan to go ahead.

Add a Household Member

Ryan must add Sophie to the Adams household and create a financial goal for the college fund. Thanks to ARC, both these tasks can be done from the Adams household account. He creates a person account for Sophie to add her to the Adams household. 

  1. Open Adams Household account and click Open Relationship Center.
  2. On the Members card, click New.
  3. Click in the Account field and then + New Account.
  4. Select Person Account, and click Next.
  5. In the First Name field, enter Sophie. In the Last Name field, enter Adams.
  6. Click Save, Next, and then Save.

Sophie now appears as the new member of the Adams household. In her record card, the following contextual actions are available for Ryan.

  • Delete: Delete Sophie’s account.
  • Edit: Edit Sophie’s account details.
  • Remove Relationship: Remove Sophie as a member of the Adams household.
  • Edit Relationship: Edit Sophie’s relationship with the Adams household.

Sophie’s Members card record showing the contextual actions available.

Next, Ryan creates a financial goal for the college fund. FSC provides a separate related list component to capture financial goals. Previously, he used to create a goal from the related tab, but not anymore. Now it’s available right within ARC.

  1. Open Adams Household account and click Open Relationship Center.
  2. Enable Show Related Lists.
    The Adams Household account showing Show Related Lists enabled.
  3. On the Members card, select Rachel Adams.
  4. In the Client Financial Goals card, click New.
  5. In the New Financial Goal window, provide the following information.
    1. Financial Account Name: Sophie Adams College Fund
    2. Type: Education
    3. Household: Adams Household
    4. Fill in the Target Value, Target Date, and Actual Value fields.
      The New Financial Goal window with details entered.
  6. Click Save.

The new financial goal now appears beside Rachel’s other goals. 

The Client Financials Goal component showing financial goals created for Rachel Adams.

Take Notes Using Quick Actions

Ryan informs Rachel that baby Sophie’s college fund is set up. Rachel is happy but wants to know a few specific details about the fund, like interest rates, charges, and tax benefits. Ryan reaches out for his trusty pen and notebook to write a reminder note for himself when he suddenly remembers the New Note quick action that Matt has configured in ARC. 

Here’s how Ryan takes a note within ARC using the New Note quick action.

  1. Open Adams Household account and click Open Relationship Center.
  2. In the Members card, click Rachel Adams.
  3. In the side panel, click New Note.
  4. In the New Note window, enter the following details.
    1. Title: Sophie College Fund Inquiry
    2. Body: Email Rachel details on interest rate, charges, and tax benefits.
  5. Click Save.

With the ability to take notes in ARC, Ryan is happy that he’s saving on time, effort, and paper bills.

Add Group Relationships

During one of the scheduled meetings, Ryan remembers Rachel mentioning how her son, Scott, and his partner, Vivian Torres, aren’t happy with their current wealth management firm. Because of Ryan’s great track record with Rachel’s portfolio, she wants Ryan to handle the finances of her son and his partner. 

Ryan is more than happy to welcome them to Cumulus. He creates a household for Scott and Vivian and then associates it to the Adams household to model the real-life relationships between the two families.

  1. Open Adams Household account and click Open Relationship Center.
  2. In the Member Relationships card, click New.
  3. Provide the following details.
    1. In the Related Account, select + New Account.
    2. Select Household and click Next.
    3. In the Account Name field, enter Torres-Adams Household.
    4. Click Save.
  4. In the Related Role field, click + New Reciprocal Role.
  5. Select Account Role and click Next.
  6. In the Role field, enter Extended Family. In the Inverse Role field, enter Extended Family again.
  7. For the Association Type, select Member.
  8. Select Active.
    The New Account-Account Relationship window with details entered.
  9. Click Save.

The Torres-Adams household is added to the member relationship card. Ryan then proceeds to add Scott and Vivian to the Torres-Adams Household just like he added Sophie to the Adams household. Scott and Vivian now show up in the Torres-Adams household.

The Torres-Adams household and its members.

Share Client Data Securely with CDS

The future is unpredictable and the Adams want Sophie to have a financially secure future. They ask Ryan to help them set up a trust that would hold and manage Sophie’s inheritance.

Ryan introduces Srilakshmi to the Adams. Sri specializes in handling trusts for minors. Before meeting the Adams to discuss the formalities, Sri wants to study their financial history and prepare a presentation. Ryan uses CDS to share the Adams household account with Sri.

  1. Open the Adams Household account.
  2. In the side panel, click the Participants tab and then New.
    The Participants tab in the side panel of the Adams Household account.
  3. In the New Account Participant window, Matt adds Sri as a participant.
    1. Participant: Srilakshmi Maajid.
    2. Participant Role: Associate.
    3. Select Active.
      New Account Participant window.
    4. Click Save.

The Adams household account record is now accessible to Sri. 

The Participants tab showing participants added for the Adams household account.



  • CDS offers precision-based control over the data you share. So Sri gets access to only the Adams household account and its members.
  • Apart from individual users, you can also share client data with groups using CDS.
  • CDS supports both Account and Opportunity objects. So you can also share Opportunity records with relevant stakeholders.

Discover New Prospects with ERI

Since Matt mentioned ERI, Ryan has been eager to use this powerful tool. He decides to use ERI to find prospective wealth management leads from Adams’s charitable trust run by Rachel and her husband. Here’s what he does.

  1. Open Adams Household account and click Open Relationship Center.
  2. In the Members card, click Rachel Adams.
  3. In the Related Accounts card, click Adams Charitable Trust.
  4. In the Details Side Panel, click the Insights tab.

ERI searches the web and shows potential customers related to the trust, like the trust’s employees and board members. Rachel and her husband are already in the FSC org and shown as violet-colored icons. Prospects are shown in gray.
The Insights tab showing potential records for Adams Charitable trust.

Ryan clicks the Joy Peng record and studies the search results (evidence) that ERI found on her.

The Insights tab showing search results for Joy Peng.

Ryan learns that Joy is a senior board member with substantial unmanaged financial assets. Ryan sees business potential here and decides to follow up on this lead. But first, he must add her to the org.

  1. Next to Joy Peng’s name, click  Add.
  2. Select Person Account and then Person Account again.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Joy’s first and last names are pre-filled. If you like, fill in other details.
  5. Click Save and then Save again.

Joy is now listed as a related contact for the Adams Charitable Trust account. The Related contacts card showing Joy Peng as a related contact for Adams Charitable trust.

And That's a Wrap!

Ryan can't stop raving about ARC to his colleagues. As they gather around his desk, he logs into the FSC org and shows them how ARC has streamlined and improved his workflow. Thanks to ARC, he now gets the complete picture of his clients' complex relationships and portfolios, all from a centralized display component. Instead of hopping between different apps and pages, he can easily view and manage all his clients' details right within ARC. 

As powerful as ARC is as a standalone feature, the seamless integration with CDS and ERI takes its application to the next level. With CDS, Ryan can quickly share client details with his teammates without worrying about compliance or data leaks. And ERI uses AI to explore disparate web resources and helps Ryan discover potential business opportunities with a few clicks within ARC.

Yet again, Matt delivers on his promise to empower Ryan and fulfill his requirements. And he has ARC's simple admin setup experience to thank. Matt’s the superhero admin at Cumulus. And like a superhero standing atop a skyscraper overlooking the city at night, Matt awaits his next challenge at Cumulus. Until next time.


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