Create and Assign Targets

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to distribute targets across a sales hierarchy.
  • Create account manager targets.
  • Assign targets to your team members.

Start at the Top

Before Bill creates targets for his team and passes down the information to his direct reports, he finds out how target distribution works.

With Manufacturing Cloud, top executives can create financial or nonfinancial targets and then allocate percentages to their direct reports. An executive can distribute the target value based on accounts and products. They can also divide the targets into monthly or quarterly targets for operational efficiency. 

When each direct report gets a share of the overall target, they can again allocate it further among their direct reports. The cycle continues till each account manager at every level of the sales hierarchy ends up with a target that they must work toward.

Create Targets for the Fiscal Year

Bill has three direct reports:

  • Sam Chloe, Head of Sales, EMEA
  • Elliott Drake, Head of Sales, AMER
  • Mehmood Zac, Head of Sales, APAC

He wants to create revenue targets for the upcoming fiscal year and distribute the total revenue target among his team members. Once each direct report gets their target, they can either keep a part of the target for themselves and distribute the rest, or distribute the entire target and add additional targets for their direct reports to achieve ambitious sales numbers!

Here’s how Bill creates revenue targets for the sales team for the upcoming fiscal year FY21.

  1. Click the App Launcher, enter Account Manager Targets, and select it.
  2. Click New on the Account Manager Targets home page.
  3. For Name, enter FY21 Total Revenue Goal.
  4. For Fiscal Year, select the next fiscal year. Bill selects FY 2021.

Bill can select the current fiscal year, the next fiscal year, or the fiscal year after that. Cindy defined Badger Parts’s fiscal year in Setup, and that’s what Manufacturing Cloud uses for account manager targets.

5. For Measure, select Revenue.



In addition to revenue, Cindy has added some custom measure values in Object Manager, including customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and product quantity. Bill can always create other targets for these measures if required.

List of picklist values configured by the admin for the field Measure. Values are Revenue, CSAT, NPS, and Quantity.


6. For Target Value, enter 100,000.

Because revenue is a currency-based measure, the values are in the default org currency that the admin defined in Setup.

7. Click Save.

New Account Manager Target record FY21 Total Revenue Goal for the fiscal year FY21, with measure as Revenue and Target Value as 100,000.

Bill has successfully created a high-level revenue target. It’s now time for him to assign targets to his three team members.

Assign Targets to Your Team Members

Cindy has already configured the Manager Hierarchy in Setup. She’s given managers the ability to view and assign targets to their direct reports. (See Manufacturing Cloud Admin Essentials to learn how.) 

To follow the steps in this unit from this point forward, you need to assign yourself as the manager for the three users we have created in your org. This ensures that you can assign targets to them. Here’s how to do it.

  1. From Setup, search for Users in the Quick Find box, and select Users.
  2. Search for Sam Chloe , and click Edit next to his name.
  3. In the Approver Settings section, click in the Manager field.
  4. Search for and select your name.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat steps 2–5 for the following users: Elliott Drake and Mehmood Zac.
    The Users page in Setup showing records for Sam Chloe, Elliott Drake, and Mehmood Zac.

Bill assigns the targets he created for his team members.

  1. Click the App Launcher, enter Account Manager Targets and select it.
  2. Click FY21 Total Revenue Goal to open the record.
  3. On the Assignments tab, click Assign Targets. You can see the following members in the Team Assignments section of the Assignments tab.
    • Sam
    • Elliott
    • Mehmood
  4. Here you can enter either a percentage of the overall target value or a target value for each team member. Let’s enter a Target Percentage for them: 
    • Sam: 35
    • Mehmood: 35
    • Elliott: 30

The FY21 Total Revenue Goal record showing three assignments for Sam Chloe, Elliott Drake, and Mehmood Zac.

Notice that when you enter the target percentage, Manufacturing Cloud automatically populates the target value. And it works the other way too. If you enter a target value, the app automatically shows you the target percentages. Bill finds it easier to assign a percentage and lets the application calculate the target values.

5. Click Save.



If you choose not to assign a target to a team member, the Target Percentage and the Target Value fields are blank for that team member. And you can’t perform any actions on that team member’s assignment row.

The sum of the target assignment values need not be equal to the overall target value. It can be less than or more than the overall target value. This allows for self-assignments by the owner. Bill hasn’t allotted any target percentage to himself because he is the overall head of sales for Badger Parts and currently doesn’t handle any key accounts himself.

Explore List Views

Bill can now check the targets assigned by him in a list view. On the Account Manager Targets home page, he can select the Assigned by Me list view. This list view displays the records of all the account manager targets Bill has assigned. This list also includes all the targets he created because he is the owner of these target records.

The list view Assigned by Me shows all the account manager target records created by the user.

If anyone assigns a target to Bill, he can also make use of the Assigned to Me list view to view such records. In addition to the two default list views, Bill is glad to see that he can also create his own list views. He creates one for revenue targets, and one for other measure types.

Tip: To filter this list further, clickShow filters. Select the Filter by Owner filter type, choose the appropriate option, click Done, and save the filter changes.

Coming Up Next…

For a sales team, it is not enough to create and assign targets. Account managers need clear direction on how to achieve these targets. In the next unit, you see how Bill can distribute targets based on time period, accounts, and products to add granularity to targets.


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