Student-led groups to help future technology leaders connect and learn Salesforce skills together.
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The Salesforce economy is booming and demand for Salesforce-skilled professionals is massive. Salesforce is excited to launch the Salesforce Student Groups initiative to help students at leading universities:
  • Connect and learn Salesforce tech and business skills together.
  • Get mentorship from Salesforce employees and community leaders who have built incredible careers in tech.
  • Get great jobs in the fastest- growing tech ecosystem. For instance, two of the best tech roles available today — Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer (according to
How Salesforce Student Groups Work
1. Kickoff
University and student leaders get excited about Salesforce and volunteer to lead a group.
2. Startup
Student leaders are matched with local Salesforce employees and Community leaders to launch the group.
3. Ongoing
Student leaders run one meeting per semester, with as much Salesforce support as they'd like. We will fund the meeting, send branded goodies, and even help with content. Everyone benefits!
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Who, how, and why to get involved!
Find a Student Group
Check to see if your school already has a Student Group and join. If not, then select an option to the right to express interest in supporting or creating one.
School Leaders
Start the movement at your school! If you are a university leader and would like to help your students stand apart in the tech community, help us connect with the right leaders on your team.
Lead a Student Group at your school! This is a great way to get real leadership experience and shine in the competitive job market. Don't go it alone - you can get classmates to co-lead with you!
Help Student Groups thrive and build your local Salesforce community! Volunteer time and guidance to support student groups so that they can learn, grow, and get incredible career opportunities. Tell us which schools you want to help!
“The Salesforce Student Group program has made a huge impact on my professional career because I was able to secure a marketing internship at Jitterbit, a startup API integration company. It has introduced me to the Salesforce ecosystem, and I'm excited to continue with the group to share my Salesforce knowledge and help my peers succeed. This is the highlight of my undergraduate career.”
- Andy Li
Salesforce Student Group Leader
UC Berkeley