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Service Manager
Service Manager

You are part detective, coach, and conductor. You like to jump in to help your team diagnose customer challenges and enjoy empowering your agents to problem solve, ultimately yielding excellent customer service. You enjoy overseeing a contact center floor and orchestrating shifts of well prepared and trained agents who are optimized to meet the rising demands of customer cases. You enjoy being rewarded with high customer and agent satisfaction.
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Average Salary (US Only)
Jobs Last 12 Months (US only)
Annual Growth Rate
3-5 years
Average experience required
General business Skills

The foundational and soft skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
Skills Salesforce Admin
Specialized Skills

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A Day in the Life of a Service Supervisor

Pre-shift huddle with your team to get them ready for the holiday rush. It’s going to be a busy day - so you log in to the system and make yourself available to take cases as well.
Notice an incoming case from Twitter with an irate customer - who has also emailed and is calling in. Pull in your team lead to shadow you. Solve the customer’s problem, and receive a heartfelt thanks. Follow up with a tweet and email response summarizing the steps taken.
Walk the floor and check-in on your associates. Customer cases continue to come in and you help guide your team on prioritizing cases.
Take lunch and disconnect from all devices for 30 minutes. Use the remaining 30 minutes to review your company’s social pages and ensure no other crisis has been left unattended.
Receive an email from an associate asking if he may may focus on follow up on case resolution via email and outbound calls today. Instruct him to resolve his follow ups first, and then make himself available for live chat. Chat volume has been high today and all agents need to be on deck.
Chat is very busy and high volume. Assist associates and customers with a variety of questions and issues via chat, always monitoring incoming cases via other channels and ensuring first contact resolution is met in a timely fashion.
Take a quick walk around the floor. Take a 10 minute break, with deep breaths to center yourself. It is extremely busy, but you recognize that you are helping keeping your floor motivated and productive, while helping customers and ultimately the company.
Review tomorrow’s schedule, noting that call volume is expected to spike before noon and plan to come in early to prep your team. Leave for home, feeling good about resolving your customers issues and by teaching your associates how to de-escalate and manage challenges.
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