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You believe any repetitive task should be automated with code. You dig into juicy problems and work through the night until you have an elegant solution. Coding Apex and custom applications for Salesforce instances or building Visualforce pages and controllers are some of the tasks you enjoy tackling.
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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Developer

ZZZZZzzzzz….Put on a free t-shirt from last year’s Dreamforce. Out the door.
First up is coffee time. Read up on the latest tech news. Check email for any fire drills or user problems that may have come up overnight and need to get addressed urgently.
Look at calendar for the day. Hopefully not too many meetings. Dreamt about a solution to a gnarly problem last night and want to work on that today. Push a few meetings to later in the week.
Standup meeting with team to review what they did yesterday, what they're going to do today, and any blockers/obstacles impeding their progress. Luckily these meetings are quick.
Do some reading about Lightning over lunch. Want to start using this new technology. Run into a colleague in the kitchen who has already built a component and ask a few questions.
Time to start coding. Code, code, code....Coding unit tests. Coding code.
More code, code, code...
Keep jamming away at this code until hit upon a small problem. Post a question to Stack Exchange to see if anyone has run into this before.
Break time. Time to clear the cache. Get up and play some ping pong with coworkers. Pick up some free snacks and second cup of coffee on way back to desk.
Got a response on Stack Exchange. Starting to get into a coding groove. On a roll with solving this problem finally! Stand up and yell “YES!”.
Back to coding.
Have been rewriting the same line of code too many times. Time to stop and watch a Silicon Valley episode.
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