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Salesforce Consultant

You like to tackle complex business challenges and solve them through business improvements. You deliver innovative solutions using Salesforce to ensure your customers are successful. You enjoy working with multiple teams to bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions. Your in-depth knowledge of business processes and Salesforce make you a trusted advisor. The success of your customer is your #1 priority.
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General business Skills

The foundational and soft skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
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Specialized Skills

The technical and specialized skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Consultant

Participate in the team's daily standup meeting to review and discuss yesterday’s accomplishments, activities for today, and any blockers. A developer mentions a blocker based on an incomplete user story, which is assigned to you.
Sprint 2 ends this week and you want to ensure this blocker is eliminated. You realize you need to clarify the story with the business user and schedule a meeting for 2pm. You review other stories that need grooming.
Open integration questions still exist between Salesforce and the customer's order management system, which need to be completed before Sprint 3 begins. You meet with the IT team and your Tech Architect to review the planned epics and ensure your user stories are complete.
The IT sponsor, Susan, asks you to join her for lunch. You chat with Susan about her kids and also talk informally about the project. You know that building these connections is critical for establishing trust with your customer.
After lunch, you sit at your desk to check and respond to emails that require your immediate attention.
You meet with the business user, who clarifies their business process and you realize that you need to update the user story to clarify a use case that was vaguely mentioned in the user story.
You look at the upcoming user stories for Sprint 3 and decide that you need to add a few more based on some of your interactions today. As a business user, I want that...
You stop by the project manager's desk and discuss the timeline for this sprint and ensure that your efforts for Sprint 3 are in-line with the current project timeline.
As you get ready wrap up the day, you check your notes and confirm that you've completed your list of activities. You take time to respond to a critical email from your manager, read your Chatter stream for today's highlights, and close your laptop.
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