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Business Analyst
Salesforce Business Analyst

You thrive on data and providing key business insights based on analyzing multiple data sources. You take initiative to identify what the business should be tracking and evaluating. You are able to think through problems and make actionable recommendations.
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General business Skills

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Skills Salesforce Business Analyst
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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Business Analyst

Look at daily sales activity reports such as which sales teams are following up on leads and which are not. Identify any red flags or noticeable activity.
Weekly meeting with Sales Ops team. Discuss the need to add a field in Salesforce to track the time to follow up from a lead.
Write up a plan to get new field added to Salesforce, estimate time and resources needed and who should get involved.
Work on a new report view that management would like to build out. Analyze how to integrate the touch points from various teams to create a report on how to upsell customers.
Attend the weekly metrics meeting with entire business intelligence team and c-level management to review status of each area and where the business is at.
Question from a user about why a campaign only brought in 50 leads and most of those are existing accounts. Spent time triaging issue and answering questions about the report.
Pull a quick report on the results from last week webinar and send to marketing team. Review leads stuck in queue and waiting for follow-up.
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