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You’re a big-picture thinker and an in-depth problem solver. You take pride in designing systems that stand up to anything. You see issues before they become issues, even when scaling from one to a million customers. Salesforce Architects are the most trusted digital advisors and respected team leaders in the ecosystem. Are you ready to build the future of business? Start exploring Salesforce Architect careers.
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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Architect

You start off the day reviewing an application feature design from one of your teams. You check that the design follows best practices, considers the user experience, and meets the business goals—all while being technically feasible, scalable, and maintainable.
Next up, respond to a request from a potential client. You look up documentation, review previous work for similar clients, and generate solution overviews, proof-of-concept designs/applications while gathering initial system landscapes or project documents.
After Lunch
You run a discovery workshop for a new client to uncover their business challenges and goals.
Late Afternoon
After reviewing the results of your discovery workshop, a colleague asks you to review a presentation deck for a client. You review and add your suggestions to the deck keeping in mind what is feasible from a time and technology standpoint.
Meet real Architects and read their stories

Charly Prinsloo
Salesforce Practice Lead
Sense Corp
Austin, TX, United States
Aldo Fernandez
Consultant/Platform Architect
Montevideo, Uruguay
Kestryl Cael Lowrey
Solutions Architect
Cloud for Good
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Vamsi Krishna Gosu
Salesforce Architect
Techforce Services
Sydney, Australia
Peter Ingemann
Senior Solution Architect
Chr. Hansen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Gemma Blezard
The Architech Club
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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