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Salesforce Administrator

You provide value to the business by automating complex business processes, creating reports & dashboards, and training users on using Salesforce. You love to help your team be efficient and on top of things. You are the one that your team depends on to have all their ducks in a row and you help them monitor their successes and customer relationships.
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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Administrator

Go through backlog of email and prioritize requests and questions from sales reps, sales managers and execs. Top priority: A Sales Manager is seeking support for a big deal he’s working on and needs a report on past activity with his account ASAP.
Call from Marketing Manager who is working on sending out an announcement to a select group of customers and wants help to pull data into Marketing Cloud. Strategize best way to segment and reach the right audience.
Meeting with a Sales Rep who is town to see how Salesforce is working for him as a remote/mobile user.
West Coast office starts waking up. Call from Sales Operations about a product recall. Need to pull a list of customers that have purchased this product and distribute to Sales teams to start contacting their customers.
Check in with IT regarding the status of deploying latest updates. Review open tickets and ensure all data systems are running.
Circle back to morning requests and get back to users about the timelines to fulfill their requests. One rep is requesting a specific type of report, reach out to Sales Manager to find out if all reps need the same type of information.
End of the day fire drill. A Sales Manager is getting ready to go out of town and needs to prepare for a Quarterly Business Review so needs a report created urgently before he goes.
Check dashboards and see if any reps are falling behind. Send emails to encourage them to offer training or support to get the most out of system.
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