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Close with a Business Case

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define value maps.
  • Describe the components of a business case.

The Last Step in Value Selling

Grayson and Safiya are doing great with their customer. Bloom Decor now sees the real value Salesforce brings, and they trust Grayson and Safiya’s vision for their future success. Grayson and Safiya need to now wrap up the deal with a solid business case.

How is this done? As a Salesforce partner, you work directly with your Salesforce account executive to create an executive-ready presentation, or a business case

Tie It All Together with a Value Map

The value map is a great tool for building your business case. It’s a one-page summary that:

  • Proves your understanding of the customer’s business and strategic objectives.
  • Establishes how your solutions and differentiators align with their goals.
  • Shows the business outcomes and impact that Salesforce can deliver.

In other words, the value map bridges what Salesforce can do for the customer to the expected business outcomes. 

True Stories of Business Success

Your business case can also include your cost-benefit analysis. Bolster it further with:

  • Customer stories.
  • Line of business references.
  • Meaningful metrics from other companies that have found success with Salesforce.

Metrics displayed on a map

Grayson and Saifya decide to use some customer stories to show real-world examples of the impact Salesforce has had on young, growing companies like Bloom Decor. When it comes to choosing stories for your business case, pick stories that address your customer’s challenges and concerns. Don’t get hung up on finding the “perfect” story.

As long as you choose stories that speak to your customer’s business needs, it’s fine if they come from other industries. In fact, success stories from parts of the business world outside of your customer’s usual circles have been known to inspire out-of-the-box thinking. When choosing customer stories double check they are approved for use with customers by both your company and Salesforce. 

Safiya knows Bloom Decor wants to go mobile and finds two great stories from companies that found success with Salesforce’s mobile-first approach. From there, she caps off her business case with two things.

  • An investment summary—It presents pricing in a way that is meaningful to your customer.
  • A mutual close plan—It outlines clear, concise next steps to move the deal forward.


As a Salesforce partner, work directly with your Salesforce AE to make sure you’re aligned on the mutual close plan (MCP) they create.

Blaze Your Own Trail to Value

Grayson did it. From discovery and value hypothesis to building a cost-benefit analysis and business case, he traveled the four steps to value selling with the help of his trusted partner Safiya. Grayson got Bloom Decor to move from “How much per seat?” to “How much can our business grow?” Now, they’re inspired to think about value. They joined the Salesforce Ohana and are blazing their own trail to success.


Some of the resources suggested in this unit are accessible to Salesforce Partner Community members only.