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Get Insight into Your Accounts with Social Intelligence

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to use social intelligence to get insight into your sales accounts.
  • Explain how Salesforce’s Social Intelligence Module can drive sales success.


Let's talk about how Toni can set herself up for success. Toni can categorize the social media discussions she's monitoring into topics like Corporate Events where she knows she’s more likely to find new business opportunities. 

Optimize Sales Productivity with Social Intelligence

Now you’ve taken that lead and turned it into a customer. How can you continue using social media listening to grow that account and other existing business? We show you how.

There’s a lot of social discussion out there, but with Salesforce’s Social Intelligence Module for Sales Cloud, you can quickly locate and listen to discussion about brands that are your customers. What’s more, you can automatically categorize this social discussion into topics, such as Mergers and Acquisitions or Executive Hires. For instance, Toni can categorize her discussions into topics like Corporate Events where she knows she’s more likely to find new business opportunities.

So if Toni spots social chatter about an event that one of her customers announced, that’s an opportunity for her to pick up the phone and see if they need any furniture for the event. Or before she meets her biggest customers, she can check what people are saying about them on social media, which gives her new insights and possibly icebreaker discussion for her meeting. For extra intel, she can also research furniture organizations she’s often competing against and learn. For example, if she notices that her competitor is offering bulk discounts and this strategy is working well, she can adapt her approach when she’s competing against that company.

Good news: All of this is available today natively in Salesforce Sales Cloud, and helps cut down on the time and effort salespeople spend researching their accounts. 

Get Started with Social Intelligence Module for Sales Cloud

To use this functionality, you need the Social Intelligence Module add-on for Sales Cloud. 

Screenshot of Social Intelligence Module, displaying a feed of social posts

With Social Intelligence Module enabled, you see a live feed of social posts about your account in the Account view of Sales Cloud. The posts that appear are based on social media engagement levels. The insights don’t stop there.

You can then can use the Social Intelligence App to find insights on an account or contact and split it out by business events like Funding Activity or Restructuring. This is a huge time-saver for salespeople trying to identify specific types of posts for sales insight.

You can take action immediately on posts of interest: Create a new lead in Salesforce, add a social contact to one of your accounts, or share a post internally on Chatter to discuss further amongst your sales team.

 With all of this social technology powering her sales process and saving on productivity, no wonder Toni’s getting such great results!