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Incorporate Multiple Digital Channels

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify use cases for additional screens.
  • Incorporate a Journey Performance screen into your Command Center.

Monitoring Additional Channels

In addition to Social Studio, Gallagher Resorts utilizes both Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Gallagher Resorts wants to go beyond showcasing its social media in its Command Center by creating visualizations of its Customer Service and Marketing wins.

Here are the remaining screen options that can be customized. 

When to Use
Sales & Opportunity Leaderboards
Encourage some friendly competition by showcasing your top sales leaders and opportunities using reports created in Sales Cloud.
Customer Care
Using Services Cloud data, the Customer Care screen can help viewers see trending issues affecting your organization and how quickly your service team responds to and resolves issues.
Einstein Analytics
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Utilize the Einstein Analytics screen to display already created Sales Cloud Dashboards within Command Center. Teams can view this content in real-time, without recreating new charts, metrics, and so forth.
Email Performance
Using Marketing Cloud data, the Email Performance screen visualizes key metrics from your marketing initiatives for up to four email campaigns. With a touch or a click, you can preview email copy as well as view the following key email metrics: number of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, and unsubscribed.
Journey Builder Performance
The Journey Builder Performance display shows a visualization of up to five journeys based on data from a connected Marketing Cloud account. It shows your viewers key metrics and with a touch of a screen, you can view progress toward journey goals. Stats available include version, description, total entries, status, contact re-entry, date started, goals, and performance.
Web Canvas

Want to show off your company’s homepage or app? In order to showcase your own content quickly and easily, select the Web Canvas option to connect to a secure page. A Google Analytic page or a Heroku-created web page are great options for these screens.
Slide Show
You have seen one at every wedding or graduation party you have been to this year. In the Command Center, instead of your cousin’s baby photos, this screen rotates through the various screens you have created. This option is perfect if you have only one available display screen for a Command Center.


Kyra decides to add screens for Customer Care, as well as Journey Builder Performance from Marketing Cloud data. Let’s follow along as she sets those screens up.

Customer Care 

Gallagher Resorts wants to incorporate its Customer Service data into its Command Center in Atlanta. They want to see what issues are impacting its business, and in addition to troubleshooting, they want to recognize the employees who close the most cases.

Customer Care screen example

Once she logs into Gallagher’s Service Cloud account from the edit screen, Kyra follows these steps to get the Customer Care screen configured. 

  1. Name the screen in Command Center and then select the Title based on the already created custom header.
  2. Identify which channel types you would like to include: Chat, Email, Phone, and Social.
  3. Select a Time range from 1 hour up to 7 days.
  4. Set the SLA to minutes, hours, or days based on your company’s Service Level Agreement. Customer Care edit screen
  5. Click Apply Changes.


LiveAgent or LiveMessage are supported when Chat is selected.

On a laptop, zoom out on the browser and refresh to make it render properly.

Journey Builder Performance

Gallagher's Marketing team wants to follow the progress of their Birthday journey to see quickly what communications are working and what might need to be adjusted. Kyra first clicks Authenticate from the edit screen and then logs into Marketing Cloud using her credentials. Next she follows these steps to get this screen configured.  

  1. Select Edit Business Unit if you are working with more than one Business Unit.
  2. Next, select Edit Journeys to choose up to five journeys to feature and click Apply.
  3. Apply Changes when selections have been made.


The Enterprise Business Unit will be set as the default.

A new journey is highlighted every 3 seconds as it rotates through up to five journeys.

Journeys with goals provide better visualization.

Additional Screen Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you configure the additional screens available within Command Center.

Screen Tip
Einstein Analytics
  • Adjust the width of your Einstein Analytics dashboard to 1,920 to match the default width of Command Center.
  • Maintain an active session in your browser with Salesforce to continue to see EA screens.
Email Performance
  • AMPscript is not supported in the preview for the Email Performance screen.
Sales Leader Report
  • You can only have one Salesforce org connected to Command Center at a time.
  • Screens will show up to 10 sales leaders or opportunities from the chosen report.
  • Photos are pulled from the user record in Sales Cloud and can be adjusted within settings.
Sales Opportunity Report
  • Create a table-formatted report with open opportunities in various stages for the Top Opportunity screen.
  • Logos are pulled from the account record and North American logos will show best from our repository.
  • You can update logos or use the company URL in Sales Cloud to the Account Record in order to pull logos from a company’s website.
Web Canvas
  • Add a header to explain the content to viewers.
  • Select a webpage that supports iFraming, is publicly available, and uses a secure URL beginning with https://.

Kyra has all screens configured and is ready for the next step—customizing Gallagher’s Command Center.