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Get Started with Salesforce Accelerators

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what an Accelerator is.
  • Figure out how to select the right Accelerators for your organization.

Accelerators 101

Are you familiar with the Japanese business concept of kaizen? It’s the philosophy of continuous improvement. It was in the spirit of kaizen that we launched Salesforce Accelerators in 2015, a new way to help customers succeed, faster.

Working with 150,000 customers around the globe, we identified common challenges around several key themes: getting started, onboarding employees, product adoption, and feature adoption to name a few. Customers were looking for personalized best practices and real recommendations in these areas beyond what was available online.

Enter Accelerators. Salesforce Accelerators are 1-on-1 coaching sessions with deep subject matter experts. Each Accelerator focuses on a very specific topic, and the length of the engagement with the Accelerator Specialist can vary from 2-15 hours, typically spread across several weeks.

All Accelerators share some common elements:

  • 1-on-1 engagement: You and your team will work directly with a specialist to discuss your individual situation and get customized advice for your environment.
  • Tangible deliverables: All Accelerators result in some kind of tangible deliverable, such as a configuration plan or a sample report.
  • Advisory: Accelerators are largely advisory, which means the specialist will not actually build anything in your production org. That would require a formal Statement of Work and all the accompanying legal and financial approvals. There are a few examples where the specialist will build out some of the deliverables in a sandbox environment, but for the majority of Accelerators, specialists show you how to accomplish a particular goal, not do it for you.

When we first launched Accelerators, we set some modest goals for consumption and satisfaction. Boy, were we wrong! Customers absolutely love Accelerators, and our initial targets were completely blown out of the water. As of this writing, we’ve delivered 16,000 Accelerators around the world with an average customer satisfaction rating of 9.6 / 10.

Accelerator Catalogs

There are tons of different Accelerators today, across almost all of our products. Most Accelerators are available to you if you have a paid success plan associated with one of our core products—Sales, Service, Community Cloud—but some do require special prerequisites. For example, to access a Marketing Cloud Accelerator you need to have a Marketing Cloud Premier Success Plan. Each listing on that catalog links to a more detailed description where all these requirements are listed.  Also, the menu varies slightly depending on where you're located.  See the resources section at the bottom of this unit for links to the right catalog for you.

Also note that you can have only one Accelerator in flight at any given time.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you seen our full list of Accelerators on our website yet? If not, take a quick peek now. There are hundreds to choose from. While it’s a good problem to have, so many choices can be overwhelming, and not every Accelerator is a good fit for everyone.

Here’s an obvious example: the "How to: Sales Cloud: Set up Salesforce for Outlook" Accelerator is not a good choice if your organization uses Gmail. But a good fit is not always immediately clear, so click on the Accelerator name in the catalog and check out the datasheet. When considering Accelerators, give some thought to where you are in your journey with Salesforce and where you want to go. All Accelerators are designed to address very specific topics, and every Accelerator has a unique set of prerequisites to ensure a successful engagement.



Take the Introduction to Accelerators webinar to learn more about Accelerators and how to choose the right one. Register for an upcoming session today!

When browsing your Accelerator catalog, keep the following questions in mind.

What are my organizational goals?
For example, are you trying to:

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce case handling times
  • Clean up bad data or an unhealthy org
  • Make better decisions and gain deeper insights into your organization’s data
  • Increase the agility of your IT organization

We have Accelerators for all these goals, but your team needs to agree on what’s most important, and plan accordingly.

Does my organization meet the prerequisites? 
Take a moment to review the requirements from the Accelerator datasheet and ensure you meet them. Accelerators focused on Einstein Analytics, for example, require that you have purchased that product.

Can I commit the required time and people to the engagement? 
Accelerators are not passive listening. There’s often homework involved. And Accelerators may require involvement from several stakeholders at your organization, such as business users, admins, developers, change management resources, and executive sponsorship.

Your account executive or Success guide is happy to work through some of these questions with you and help you select good Accelerators for your organization. As mentioned above, the Accelerator catalog listings include details about goals, time frame, and prerequisites. Just head over to our website, where you’ll see a tile for each Accelerator. Click Learn More on a tile to get to the datasheet.