Work From Anywhere

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Download the Field Service Mobile app onto a phone.
  • Log in to an org.
  • View a schedule, inventory, and map.
  • Mark a job as finished.

Get Started with Field Service Mobile

Before James can use the Field Service mobile app, he has to download it onto his mobile phone. He heads over to the Play Store on his Android and searches for Field Service. He recognizes the Field Service mobile app icon and downloads the app onto his phone. The steps are the same for Apple’s App Store.

Now he’s ready to log in. Maria has given him instructions for logging in to the Ursa Major domain, so he knows just what to do.

  1. Click Use Custom Domain.
  2. Enter your Salesforce org's company-specific My Domain name. James enters ursamajor and the system adds for him.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter the username and password and click Log In.
  5. Click Allow to allow the app the access that it needs.

Ta-da! James can now access his office from his phone. He’s ready to see what he can do with his newfound power.

Explore the Field Service Mobile App

James opens the app and sees today’s schedule. He has several appointments, and he views them on the map. They’re pretty close together and traffic isn’t too bad, so it looks like a great day ahead.

He clicks his first appointment to view the details in the work order.

Work order showing 1 (panes), 2 (information), and 3 (actions) to match the following list.

On the work order pane, James sees information about the service appointment.

  • Panes (1). Displays more information about the order. James is on the Overview pane. Other panes have information about the products consumed during this service appointment, other details such as address, related lists, and a Chatter feed. Use the Chatter feed to communicate with the office.
  • Information (2). Shows the appointment window time and date: 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM on June 3; the contact for the job (Kari Rende); and a call icon. Scroll to see more information about the service appointment, such as a service report.
  • Show Actions (3). Click to see what actions are available in the current pane.

Get to Work

James opens the field service mobile app again and clicks Inventory to see what’s in his van this morning. He double checks that it’s accurate. Then he clicks the map to see how to get to his first appointment.

He follows the directions on his map. The first service appointment is a break fix for a solar hot water heater that’s leaking. On the Overview pane, he scrolls down to see the service history for this address. He’s happy to see that this is the first time they’ve had this problem. Before he leaves the van, he double checks his inventory to make sure that he has the necessary inventory and tools to fix this type of hot water heater. Armed with knowledge, he goes to meet the customer.

It’s a fairly easy fix. Up on the roof, James takes a picture of the hot water heater before he starts. He takes another after he finishes so that the customer can see what he’s done. Work complete, he clicks Show Actions and clicks Complete Work. He steps through the panes in the flow and marks the job as finished.

In this module, the admin installed the managed package and gave a mobile worker access. The mobile worker installed the mobile app on their phone, checked it out, and used it to complete a job.


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