Erfassen Sie Ihre Fortschritte

Set Up Optimization

Learning Objectives

  • Create the FS Optimization profile.
  • Set up the FS Optimization user.
  • Authorize the FS Optimization user.
  • Activate optimization.

Create the FS Optimization Profile and User

Optimization requires special permissions to perform its behind-the-scenes actions. Once you set it up, all the requirements for those permissions are available via the FS Optimization profile and user. Maria keeps a few things in mind as she plans.

  • The FS Optimization profile is set up with the required permissions. Once it’s created, don’t edit it.
  • The FS Optimization user must be active to perform its work.
  • Like all users, the FS Optimization user requires a license.

She creates the FS Optimization profile.

  1. From the App Launcher App Launcher icon, click Field Service Admin.
  2. Click Field Service Settings.
  3. Click Optimization, then Activation.
  4. Click Create Optimization Profile. Once it’s created, a dialog appears asking you to verify the following.
    • There’s a new optimization user.
    • The FS Optimization profile is assigned to it.
    • You want to switch to the new FS Optimization user.
  5. Click OK.

Activate the FS Optimization User

Now Maria has a shiny new user with the FS Optimization profile. But she still needs to find their username and authorize them. First, she does a little detective work to find the new user’s name. Then she makes sure that the user is active and has a valid password.

  1. Click Setup, then select Setup.
  2. In the quick find box, enter Users, then click Users.
  3. Find the FS Optimization user. If you don’t have many users, it’s easy to see. Ursa Major has many users, so Maria must search for it.
    1. She chooses View | All Users.
    2. She clicks F to see usernames that start with F.
    3. Ta da! She finds her FS Optimization user.

      The Users pane with the FS Optimization username highlighted.

  4. Make a note of the FS Optimization username. For Maria, that’s
  5. Click Edit next to FS Optimization user.
  6. Select Active.
  7. Scroll down to select Generate new password and notify user immediately.
  8. Verify that the email is yours and click Save.

Maria now knows the name of her new optimization user and she’s ready to set up the password and activate optimization. She hops over to her email and opens the new password email that she just received for the FS Optimization user.

  1. Log out of your current org and close the tab.
  2. In the password email, click Verify Account to set up the password.
  3. Enter a new password.
  4. Pick a security question and answer, and click Change Password.
    You’re logged in with the FS Optimization username and password.
  5. If you’d like, register your mobile phone.

Activate Optimization

Maria is ready to enable optimization. Then her team can create the best daily schedule and address last-minute scheduling challenges and minimize surprises.

  1. While still logged in as the FS Optimization user, from the App Launcher App Launcher icon, click Field Service Admin.
  2. Click Field Service Settings.
  3. Click Optimization, then click Activate Optimization.
  4. On the next screen, click Allow to allow the optimizer the access that it needs.
  5. Log out and close the tab.


If the org was created before the Spring ’20 release, see Activate Enhanced Optimization to activate enhanced optimization.

Maria has set Ursa Major up for successful optimization by creating the FS Optimization user and profile. Then she activated and set up the FS Optimization user. Finally, she activated optimization.