Cloud Security Engineer
Typically requires 3 to 5 years of experience in information security

A cloud security engineer builds, maintains, upgrades and continuously improves cloud networks and cloud-based systems. They are responsible for the operations of secure cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software. They install, maintain, and upgrade the organization’s cloud computing environments and core infrastructure. Daily responsibilities of a cloud security engineer include:

  • Creating cloud-based programs including implementing identity and access management and securely configuring cloud environments.
  • Performing threat simulations and penetration tests to identify and detect possible risks.
  • Providing security recommendations on service design and application development and coding.
  • Managing cryptography and encryption of data in the cloud.
  • Logging, monitoring, and responding to detected incidents in the cloud environment.
  • Serving as the voice of the customer to the development teams in implementing new features or resolving security issues.
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Aditi Chaudhry
Cloud Security Engineer
Aditi works as a cloud security engineer and is pursuing her masters of engineering in cybersecurity.
Aditi Chaudhry
Cloud Security Engineer, Two Sigma
Aditi works as a cloud security engineer at Two Sigma. She has a B.S. in computer engineering and computer science and is currently a candidate for her masters of engineering in cybersecurity from the University of Maryland. Aditi previously held software engineering and application security engineering roles at a financial services organization.
My curiosity for the technical details and desire to be a protector is what led me to this profession. I became interested in cloud security when I heard someone say that their company was ‘going all-in on the cloud’, and wondered how they were going to secure their data. I wanted to be part of the solution that defends the customer, and makes the world a little safer.
We had a chance to connect with Aditi to ask her a few questions about her cybersecurity journey.
Top skills requested
The technical and specialized skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
  • Information security
  • DevOps
  • Programming languages
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Operating systems
  • Network security
  • Cloud architecture
The business skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
Troubleshooting 22% Problem Solving 23% Research 29% Communication 38%
Note: Percentages refer to the rate at which this skill appears in job postings
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