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Earn the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect credential with successful completion of your Review Board exam.
Completing the Certified Technical Architect Review Board Exam
Resources : Certified Technical Architect Review Board Exam
Recommended Training and References

To prepare for this exam, Salesforce recommends a combination of hands-on experience, training course completion, Trailhead trails, Trailmixes, and self-study in each of the exam domain focus areas. Below are some key resources to assist you in your preparation:

  • Trailhead Trailmix
    The Architect Journey Trailmix is a compilation of architect domain-specific Trailmixes to help build, hone and practice your skills. Not only should you use these Trailmixes to help you prepare for the Architect Designer credential exams, we strongly recommend that you use them in your preparation for the CTA Review Board exam.
  • Certified Technical Architect Preparation Workshop
    This participant-centered workshop will help you internalize the exam objectives while reinforcing your knowledge of key topics. Take a look at the available CTA-601 In-Person or CTA-601 Virtual Schedules.
  • Architect Trailblazer Community
    For additional information and community collaboration on your #JourneytoCTA, please join and leverage the Architect Trailblazer Community. In the community you will find:
    • Sample Scenarios
    • Content links
    • Self-paced learning
    • Other related communities
The Exam : About the Certified Technical Architect Review Board Exam
To earn the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect credential, you will need to successfully pass a Review Board exam. The prerequisites to initially qualify for this exam are System Architect and Application Architect. We do recommend that you set a study plan in place as well as obtaining extensive hands-on experience.
How is this exam administered?
  • Virtual Review Board
    This new format will allow you to take your exam online.
  • In-Person Review Board
    This onsite format will require you to come into the selected office to take your exam.
About the Exam
  • Candidates are given 3 hours (180 minutes) to read, solution, design and justify a detailed architectural solution for the hypothetical scenario.
  • Candidates will then have 45 minutes to present their solution to the Review Board judges. A Q&A discussion will then be held by the judges for another 40 minutes.
  • Registration fee: USD 6,000 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee: USD 3,000, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
For additional information, download the exam guide or read our FAQ.
How to Register for your #JourneytoCTA
Open a Case
Ready to start your journey to becoming a Certified Technical Architect? Great! Now that you have both your domain Architect credentials, you’ll need to get your preparation plan defined. The best way to do that is to open a case through Trailhead. We will process your case, send you a short questionnaire to fill out so that we can support you in the way that you need! You will then be contacted and given a prescriptive recommendation.
Review Board Exam Schedule
The Certified Technical Architect Review Board exam schedule is below. This exam is administered either virtually or in-person.
For additional information, contact us.
  • Exam dates and locations are subject to change at the discretion of Trailhead.
  • Review the resources above for more information.
  • Please open a case to get started!