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+5,800 points

Gather Insights with Salesforce Feedback Management

Gain insights into what your customers and users think and refine your customer feedback strategy.

~6 hrs 50 mins
+2,000 points

Survey Basics

Gather insights from customers or employees with surveys.

~1 hr 35 mins
+1,600 points

Salesforce Surveys for Admins

Translate, automate, and evaluate your surveys with Salesforce Surveys.

~1 hr 10 mins
+400 points

Design and Distribute Surveys with Salesforce Feedback Management

Use Salesforce Surveys to follow-up with customers who contacted support via live chat.

~1 hr
+200 points

Automated Survey Invitations with Flows

Use automation to enhance survey response rates and engage customers better.

~40 mins
+300 points

CRM Analytics Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Use analytics templates to gather actionable insights from survey responses.

~1 hr
+200 points

Boost Survey Responses with Salesforce Messaging Integration

Integrate messaging with Salesforce Feedback Management to maximize survey responses.

~35 mins
+1,100 points

Surveys Customized Thank You Page

Build interactive and personalized surveys with dynamic thank you pages.

~50 mins
~6 hrs 50 mins