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+11,500 points

Platform Developer Beginner

Learn the basics of how to develop apps on the Salesforce Platform.

~12 hrs 40 mins
+400 points

Get Started with Salesforce Development

Build a simple app and see what it’s like to develop on the Salesforce Platform.

~1 hr
+200 points

Quick Start: Tour the Sample App Gallery

Explore sample apps and learn about their tools and configurations.

~20 mins
+1,500 points

Data Modeling

Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.

~1 hr 15 mins
+1,500 points

Formulas and Validations

Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.

~1 hr
+2,100 points

Apex Basics & Database

Use Apex to add business logic and manipulate your data in Salesforce.

~2 hrs 45 mins
+1,000 points

Apex Triggers

Write Apex triggers to perform custom database actions.

~1 hr 30 mins
+1,300 points

Lightning Web Components Basics

Build reusable, performant components that follow modern web standards.

~1 hr 10 mins
+800 points

Flow Builder Basics

Explore Flow Builder and learn when to use flows to automate your business processes.

~40 mins
~12 hrs 40 mins